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Why Breast Augmentation In Thailand Can Be Risky

Places like Bali and Thailand make for breathtaking vacation destinations for tourists from all over the world. The rich culture and serene environment are inviting reasons to travel and spend time relaxing alongside the exotic beaches. Many Australians, however, are finding more reasons to travel to Thailand. The cost of procedures like breast augmentation in Thailand is often cheaper. Unfortunately, it is also risky, and many foreign travellers find that undergoing delicate medical procedures, such as cosmetic and cosmetic surgery, can come with many complications.

For most patients, the appeal in medical tourism and travelling for cosmetic surgery lies in the price tag. The cost of a procedure like a breast augmentation is typically cheaper in Thailand than in Australia – but many unfortunate patients have learned that cutting cost can often come with more expensive consequences. Combined with travel costs, accommodations, travel, and aftercare, this can make for a significantly more expensive trip, especially if a patient experiences side effects that require additional care.

If you are in Sydney and considering breast augmentation, Thailand might be much farther than you need to look! At Refine Cosmetic Clinic in Bondi Junction, our highly-qualified surgeons provide customised cosmetic enhancements to help improve and rejuvenate your appearance. Breast augmentation in Thailand may not follow the same stringent rules and regulations as Australian facilities, which could leave patients exposed to surgical risks, in addition to other potential issues.


Considering Breast Augmentation in Thailand?

For many patients, the idea of getting cosmetic surgery in an exotic land will help to aid recovery by offering a relaxing environment where they can heal. While this sounds lovely, it’s also highly impractical! The healing process following a breast augmentation surgery should be spent at home or in a trusted, comfortable location. An unknown hotel or resort in Thailand may not be as safe or have all the resources recommended for a smooth recovery. Exposure to potential dirty or unsanitary areas after breast augmentation in Thailand can also lead to post-op complications.

how much is breast augmentation in thailand breast augmentation thailand bondi junctionPatients who travel back home to Australia too soon after surgery are also at risk, as air travel could put unwanted strain on the recently augmented area. A flight can take up to 9 hours or longer if there are additional stops or holdups. Recovery after breast augmentation requires regular care, including routine cold compresses to help aid healing. This type of strain could potentially extend the healing time or even cause the sutures or implants to burst or develop complications. Plus, if an issue does arise, patients are nearly 5,000 miles away from their primary surgeon.

When considering breast augmentation in Thailand, the first question many people have is how much is breast augmentation in Thailand costing. Unlike a local surgeon, an in-person consultation is usually not an option for surgery overseas, so patients are at a greater risk of getting false information. When researching the cost of breast augmentation, be sure to ask questions about exactly what you are paying for and how your money is being allocated.

Illegitimate practices may try to manipulate unsuspecting patients by quoting a low amount for the procedure and then adding on additional costs. At Refine Clinic, the price of your unique breast surgery will include the cost of the surgeon, the operating theatre, the anaesthesiologist, surgical tools, and more.


The Risks of Breast Augmentation

As with any surgery, there are complications, risks and side effects to be aware of before undergoing a breast augmentation. Thailand may not follow the same stringent rules as Australia does, which is governed by the regulations put in place by the TGA.

Breast surgery is a very delicate procedure, and it should be carefully customised to suit the patient’s unique needs and implant choices. The placement of the implants, the incision site and the shape, size and texture of the actual prosthetic is also important, as it can impact your recovery time. Certain precautions should always be taken before undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure, and you should take care to find a surgeon that you can trust.

It’s important to remember that even in a top-notch surgical facility, there is a potential for side effects. Surgical risks like infections, haematoma, and anaesthetic trouble are greatly reduced in a regulated and sterile environment. However, other post-op side effects may still present themselves. Be aware of:

  • Hardening of the breast tissue or area around the implants
  • Scarring that is thick, dark or does not fade
  • Capsizing or rotation of the implant
  • Creases, folds or wrinkles that are noticeable beneath the skin
  • Small lumps, often a side effect of leaking, called silicone granulomas
  • Nerve damage to the nipples or the breast tissue
  • Ruptures of the implant, which could lead to leakage or deflation
  • Allergic reactions to the anaesthesia, implants or aftercare
  • Infection, haematoma or other surgical side effects

The likelihood of developing these complications after breast augmentation in Thailand may be greater. Furthermore, they can be more dangerous when contracted in a foreign environment. Patients who have issues with their implants might have to consider a revision breast augmentation to achieve the desired results.

In some cases, this could mean that you’ll have to pay for two procedures – breast augmentation in Thailand and a revision in Sydney – instead of one high-quality cosmetic surgery.


Potential Difficulties to Consider

Breast augmentation in Thailand can present issues aside from the actual surgical environment and recovery process. Another big obstacle to consider is the potential communication barrier that patients could encounter in a foreign country.

When it comes to medicine and cosmetic surgery, being able to speak plainly and fully understand your surgeon, their team and any instructions they provide is of utmost importance. Even if you can partly communicate in the language, conversational knowledge may not be enough to help you understand the different medical techniques your surgeon is explaining.

At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, we not only speak plainly, using layman terms to prevent confusion, our surgeons carefully plan each surgery around the patient. That means your unique needs will be considered to help provide a cosmetic surgery experience that is rewarding for everyone. Plus, a careful approach can help to reduce the risk of post-op issues, and potentially extend the life of your implants.


If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney that you can trust, call our facility today at (02) 8599 7161!

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