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Breast Augmentation Sydney

Achieve a More Flattering Figure With Breast Augmentation in Sydney

Do you wish to alter, enhance or otherwise augment the shape or size of your bust? Many women struggle with their breast size, so finding an expert surgeon to help address these concerns can be an excellent solution. Call Refine Clinic today at (02) 8599 7161!


Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breasts that are too small, asymmetrical or disproportionate can cause women to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their appearance. Certain clothing items may not fit properly or cause them to feel uncomfortable. Breast augmentation in Sydney can help women address these concerns and achieve the ideal bust size to complement their figure and fulfil their aesthetic desires. For many women, the decision to undergo breast surgery can completely alter their quality of life and help them look and feel more feminine and beautiful! It can also help to correct any visible imperfections that may distract from your overall appearance.

The Cost of Breast Enlargement Surgery

When considering any type of cosmetic enhancement, such as breast augmentation, cost in Sydney is something to review. It’s recommended to find a facility that is well established and fits your financial budget. Be wary of potential scams offering “flat rate” costs or a similar gimmick; these can often be a sign of hidden fees or illegitimate practices. Ultimately, the cost of breast augmentation will vary in Australia based on each patient’s unique needs. Procedures that require extensive correction or augmentation may require more time and materials. It’s important to remember that breast surgery is highly individualised, so each patient may have a slightly different experience.

Choosing the Best Breast Augmentation in Sydney

The best way to ensure results that you are satisfied with, and help to achieve the aesthetic goals you envisioned, is to find a surgeon with a high success rate, good bedside manner and reliable experience. A physician who understands your unique needs will know how to approach your breast augmentation to ensure the technique, incision site and implant placement for you. To find the right surgeon, we recommend setting an introductory consultation and discussing any questions or concerns you may have with an expert team. At Refine Clinic, we work with patients to achieve excellent results in breast augmentation in Sydney.

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About Refine Clinic

Since 2007, our facility has been dedicated to providing Sydney with a higher level of cosmetic care. Our team offers patients a personalised and curated approach to each cosmetic surgery procedure available at our facility. We offer a transparent approach and speak plainly with our patients to help ensure they understand all the options! Our goal is to help patients avoid cheap breast augmentation in Sydney by providing a safe experience and an affordable surgical facility, right here in Bondi Junction! Call us at (02) 8599 7161 to schedule a free consultation at our office.



Does Your Facility Offer Payment Plans?

When considering breast augmentation in Sydney, cost is one of the main factors that patients look into. It’s important to find a surgical facility that suits all your needs, including your financial budget! At Refine Clinic, we take a customer-centred approach to ensure all of our patients get individualised care that is tailored around their cosmetic surgery needs. In addition to accepting various payment options, including cash, credit and direct deposit, our facility has flexible payment plans available. We also offer a free initial consultation with our very experienced Consultant to all new patients, so they don’t have to worry about shelling out hundreds of dollars to get a reliable opinion!

Who Can Get Breast Augmentation?

Cosmetic surgery may not be for everyone. It’s important to sit down with a consultant or surgical professional to discuss your health and aesthetic options. Patients should have realistic expectations of their surgery and be in good general health. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or certain medication may interfere with your ability to have a successful surgery, so it’s important to be candid during your consultation. 

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation surgery in Sydney include:

  • Patients with breasts that are sagging, elongated, or beginning to appear deflated or flattened
  • Women with breasts that are noticeably not the same size
  • Women with breasts that are too small or too large for your statute or frame
  • Patients with the ability to rest and recovery for the recommended time
  • Patients with a sound state of mind and understanding of the risks of breast surgery

Can I Have My Breasts Reduced?

Absolutely! Many women struggle with the weight of oversized breasts. It can lead to chest pain as well as back, neck and shoulder discomfort. Plenty of patients complain about the straps of their clothing leaving imprints in their skin, which can cause irritation and even inflammation! Breast reduction surgery is an excellent solution for women who are seeking relief from trouble finding clothing that fits, dealing with unwanted attention and even difficulty performing certain activities! Scheduling a consultation with an expert can help you understand if breast reduction can help you!

Will I Need Implants?

Breast implants are an excellent way for many women to achieve a fuller, bigger or more symmetrical breast contour. Ultimately, however, we highly recommend patients to make the decision that feels right to them! Some women can achieve a beautiful result without the added volume of breast implants. For these patients, a breast lift or similar surgery may be sufficient. In Sydney, breast augmentation should be designed to suit each patient individually. Talk to your surgeon or schedule a consultation with an expert to talk about breast implants!

How Do I Choose An Implant Size?

Choosing an implant can be a long process for some patients. It’s important to pick an option that you truly feel comfortable with, since they can often last up to ten years or longer. At Refine Clinic, we work very closely with patients to answer any questions they may have about the different options of implants. More importantly, we can help guide you towards what is medically, aesthetically and physically best for you! Breast augmentation in Sydney typically breaks down into silicone implants, but finding the right size for each breast takes an experienced approach by a surgeon who understands how to achieve a natural-looking result.

How Is the Surgery Performed?

Breast augmentation in Sydney is most commonly performed under general anaesthesia, which means patients are asleep for the entire process. The approach that your surgeon takes will depend on the type of breast augmentation and implant size as well as other factors. You can discuss all of the details in depth with your surgeon beforehand to ensure you are comfortable and understand what will happen every step of the way.

The actual surgery is typically performed under general anaesthesia, though local may be used in certain cases. This will always be discussed beforehand. If you are undergoing breast implant revision surgery in Sydney, the approach may vary slightly from the first time. The incision placement and implant insertion method will also be discussed with the patients before their surgery and may vary based on their unique needs or body structure. Once the desired implants are secure and Dr Bezic is content with the placement, internal incisions may be closed with layered sutures or stitches while surgical tape or skin adhesive is used on the skin to help keep it closed.

How Are Implants Placed?

As we mentioned, there are different ways your implants can be inserted in your breasts. Once inserted, there are also various placement options that you and your consultant can discuss beforehand that help deliver slightly different results. Patients, with the help of their physician, can choose the best choice for them. The approach can also mean breast implants in Sydney prices will vary depending on what is chosen.

Typically, implants’ placement is either subglandular, or submuscular. This refers to where the implants sit within the chest. Dual-plane implants may be an option, as well, but should only be attempted by an experienced breast augmentation surgeon.

Subglandular, or submammary, means the implant is placed between the breast tissue and pectoral muscles. While patients may not achieve the same natural appearance as submuscular placement, it can offer patients a fuller, perkier result and potentially faster recovery time! 

Submuscular, is placed beneath the pectoral muscles, which allows for an increase in size and volume to accentuate the natural feel of breast tissue beneath which it sits. Patients may have to be more patient during the recovery process, so it’s important to speak to your surgeon about the recommended options.

Your surgeon may also mention incision placement and the possible options to help provide a recommendation on what’s best for you. Some patients may require a special approach to help achieve the best results, so be sure to discuss any scarring concerns! Typically, incisions are made in one of the following ways:

Inframammary. Most breast augmentations in Sydney are placed via inframammary placement. This is because it offers surgeons the most direct path and allows them to manipulate the implant to achieve the perfect placement! Inframammary incisions are made along the natural folds in the breast tissue to help ensure any scars are hidden within the natural folds of the skin.

Periareolar. Also within the breast area, this incision is made along the areola and typically offers the least visible scarring. It’s also a great option for patients who wish to alter their nipple or areola size. Unfortunately, it leaves patients at a higher risk of impairing their sensitivity in the area. 

Transumbilical. The least popular and possibly conventional of the methods, a transumbilical incision is made within the skin of the belly button. Because it is such a small incision, only saline implants can be used, as they can be placed empty and then filled once inside.

Transaxillary. If you are worried about keloids or are sensitive to scarring, this method allows for a hidden approach! Transaxillary incisions are made in the crook of the underarm and can allow patients to enjoy their new breast implants without fear of visible scars on the breasts. This method is also ideal for patients opting for round or teardrop implants. It’s not the easiest method to achieve, however, so it’s important to look into a surgeon with experience achieving successful transaxillary breast augmentation in Sydney.

How Long Will I Need to Take Off Work?

After a major surgery like breast augmentation, it’s critical to allow your body time to rest and recover from the procedure. Not only will this help to reduce your risk of developing any side effects or complications, but it can also help to speed up the healing process! Following breast augmentation, patients are advised to avoid carrying heavy objects, lifting the arms above the head or strenuous activity should be avoided. Most patients are advised to take one to two weeks away from work to allow themselves to fully recuperate.

What Can I Expect After Surgery?

The day of surgery is often the hardest, naturally, but knowing what to expect can help you come prepared! We recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Take it very easy and avoid moving your arms much. What to expect after breast surgery may vary, but patients can typically expect a timetable like this:

The first week:

Patients will likely feel the brunt of any pain, swelling or discomfort during this time. You’ll have to wait at least 24 hours to shower, although this may be longer if there is any tubing to aid drainage. Avoid washing your hair, since you’ll have to keep arm lifting to a minimum. Any surgical dressings or compression garment should be worn until otherwise instructed by your surgeon. Patients will have to sleep in an upright position to help alleviate swelling and reduce fluid build-up. Try your best to keep yourself from rolling over in the night as this could prolong your healing process!

You might also need pain medication during the first week, so it is advised to avoid driving or working. Patients should also refrain from picking up anything heavier than a phone book and avoid stretching your arms. 

The second week:

A follow-up appointment is usually scheduled around this time, so patients can have any sutures removed or just have their surgeon ensure it is healing as intended. A surgical bra is generally recommended during this time, and you should follow the instructions of your surgeon carefully, as this can help ensure the breasts heal in the correct shape and position. Incision and scar care will be discussed at this time, and any drains are typically removed. Patients can shower as normal, but should still avoid excessive arm movements and reaching above their head. Massaging the area very gently may help aid tissue growth, so your surgeon may provide instructions for that, as well.

Third and fourth week: 

By now, most patients should be seeing a significant improvement in swelling, bruising, redness, scarring and discomfort. Typically, the results of your breast augmentation will begin to become visible here, but small and subtle fluid retention may remain for up to several months. Massaging the area can also help to keep the tissue supple while helping to speed up the recovery. Doing this daily can help keep the implants soft.

Do I Need to Prepare For Breast Augmentation?

Definitely. The preparation before surgery can sometimes be just as important as the downtime! It many cases, an informative booklet will be provided to you to help you keep track of any important instructions or changes. Reviewing this in detail can help you prepare and plan ahead to ensure your surgery and recovery time are comfortable and successful.

Be sure to fill any prescriptions the doctor provides, set up your bed or sleeping area with plenty of comfortable pillows, cushions, blankets and things to pass the time, as you’ll likely want to spend most of the first week in bed. We recommend coordinating with a close friend or family member to have someone at home for assistance around the house. You might also need help getting to and from your surgical appointments and post-op follow-ups. Patients will typically be advised to refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and taking certain medications, such as blood thinners or NSAIDs, for at least one month before surgery. You may also be advised to start taking Arnica to help with bruising, swelling and pain.

When Will I See Results?

As with most cosmetic procedures, the healing process will vary for each patient. The extent of correction, the size of the implants, its placement and the surgical technique followed can all impact the recovery time of a breast augmentation procedure. Most patients will see the beginning stages of their results after the first few weeks post surgery. In the next three months, swelling will continue to diminish. After around eight to twelve months, most patients should be able to see the full results of their procedure with no residual swelling or tissue inflammation.

Will There Be Visible Scarring?

All surgery comes with the risk of scarring. Scars are how our bodies respond to trauma inflicted on the dermis. New collagen fibres are created to mend the damage, which results in what we see as a scar. Typically, the scar tissue has a different texture than the surrounding skin. In most cases, scars fade over time, eventually matching the natural skin tone. With cosmetic surgery, however, visible scarring can distract from the final result. If patients are worried about visible scarring or are prone to keloids or raised scar tissue, they can discuss this with their surgeon. Additionally, a well-trained surgeon with decades of experience may be able to successfully perform a breast augmentation in Sydney in such a way that any scarring blends naturally with the contours of the body.

What Are the Risks of Breast Augmentation?

Just like scarring, cosmetic surgery can come with some risks. In most cases, they can be avoided with proper technique, sterile equipment,  state-of-the-art tools and a talented surgeon. However, your surgeon should always discuss any potential complications with you and help you understand what to do in the event of an emergency or an unpleasant side effect. During your consultations, feel free to talk to your surgeon or consultant about the potential risks of breast surgery in Sydney. 

  • Loss of sensation in the breasts or nipples. This is a potential side effect especially if the periareolar implant surgery was performed. In most cases, sensitivity in the area can fluctuate during the recovery process and typically is regained once the breasts have healed. 
  • Structural change or permanent tissue damage. If you opt for implants, it’s important to keep in mind that your breasts will experience structural changes to accommodate the prosthetic. This can become permanent, and may affect the natural shape of your breasts if you have your implants removed or reduced later in life.
  • Need for further correction or surgery. After implants, some women feel they aren’t completely satisfied with their decision and opt to undergo a secondary procedure. In other cases, a breast implant may experience complications or rupture and may need to be replaced or removed. Our surgeon is experienced in revision breast augmentation and often helps women in Sydney who wish to replace or upgrade their implants.  
  • Rupturing, wrinkling or dimpling. Since implants are not made of natural materials, they do not always mimic the smooth appearance of the skin. Some implants may begin to wrinkle or dimple beneath the skin. This risk is greater with patients who have subglandular implants. Rupturing, deflating or puncturing is also a risk, which can cause leaking of the implant. For patients with silicone, this will require immediate replacement of the implants. Patients with saline implants will absorb the material with no harm and can return to their surgeon to have the silicone shell refilled. 
  •  Surgical complications. There are always risks that are associated with surgery. Issues like infection, anaesthesia, haematoma, excessive bleeding, bruising or swelling and inflammation may occur after a breast augmentation procedure. Looking for a surgeon that makes you feel comfortable, has plenty of experience and follows TGA standards can help greatly reduce the risk of surgical complications. Be sure to avoid any surgeon that doesn’t use sterile equipment or functional devices. 
  • Capsular contracture. Scar tissue typically develops as the body’s natural response to foreign objects or tissue damage. Breast implants often trigger this. It develops in a capsular-like shape to help the implants in place and prevent infection. Unfortunately, however, sometimes the scar tissue will not stop, eventually forming so much that it constricts the implant. Symptoms of capsular contracture may include hardness, changes in the shape of your breast and pain. 
  • Calcium deposits. Some patients might develop calcium deposits around their implants. Typically, this isn’t a cause for concern, though they may appear during mammograms. Some patients opt to have them removed to rule out any possibility of breast cancer.

What is the difference between Silicone and Saline?

The choice between silicone and saline implants is one most breast augmentation patients have to make. Silicone is often regarded as the more traditional option and is the most preferred choice, though saline has become somewhat popular over the decades. Ultimately, patients much consider both options and discuss the pros and cons to determine what is best for them.  


Silicone is often used interchangeably to describe prosthetic cosmetic surgery devices like breast implants. Silicone is a polymer with no known human allergies or sensitivities, which makes it an incredibly popular material to create aesthetic devices from! It’s by far the most popular option for breast implants in Australia, thanks to its ability to mimic the look and feel of natural human tissue. 

Silicone implants must be placed pre-filled, and sometimes may require two different ccs to achieve a symmetrical result. This is because our bodies are naturally asymmetrical and, while it is typically so subtle you cannot tell, implants can accentuate this natural imperfection. Talking to your surgeon about this can help ensure you take an approach to avoid it if you wish. They may also be harder to detect in the event of a rupture without medical assistance. 


Saline is a saltwater solution that is readily available in most medical environments. For breast implants, special saline is injected into a silicone polymer shell, which is what houses almost all implants. Silicone implants are secured in the chest unfilled and then the desired cc is achieved once the implant is in place. This often means your surgeon can use smaller incisions and deliver a more customised result that helps to mimic the natural look of the breast, and patients can have the fill tweaked once they are in to achieve a more natural and proportionate shape. Unfortunately, saline implants tend to have a higher chance of rippling, which is visible underneath the skin. On the other hand, if an implant ruptures or deflates, it is immediately apparent and the filling is completely non-toxic.

Saline is typically less viscous than silicone, holding the consistency of water. This can often mean your implants to feel as natural as silicone may, but it can offer significant advantages for some patients, such as the ability to fine-tune so patients can achieve near-perfect results. 

Will Breast Implants Help Me Look Younger?

Many patients want the best breast augmentation in Sydney, and reviews can be an excellent way to find other women who have undergone a similar procedure and are extremely happy with their results! As time passes, the body tends to develop signs of ageing. We start producing less collagen, which can lead to saggy skin, wrinkles and loss of volume in areas like the breasts. Women who have naturally full breasts may experience significant changes in the perkiness of their bust after pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding or even natural weight fluctuations. In some cases, losing weight can mean your breasts appear deflated or pendulous. Breast augmentation can be used to help patients reform their breasts and potentially lift sagging tissue while reducing excess fat in the area. Implants can help regain your naturally lifted bust and achieve a more youthful appearance. 

How Can I Reduce Swelling After Breast Augmentation?

In most cases, swelling is a natural part of the healing process after breast augmentation. It can cause discomfort, pressure or an uneven appearance, however, and it can impact a patient’s ability to see their final results. Naturally, reducing swelling can be a big plus comfort-wise, but it can also help speed up the healing process and help you see your beautiful new figure sooner! The best way to help alleviate swelling after a breast augmentation surgery is to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully. In Sydney at Refine Clinic, our facility offers clear instructions and helpful tips for each patient.

Some of those include:

  • Avoiding activities, exercise or everyday tasks that involve raising your arms above your head. Putting up your hair, opening cabinets and similar motions can lead to complications or pain. 
  • Do not exercise or push yourself until you have been cleared by the surgeon. Keeping the area strained or stressed can cause inflammation to flare up. 
  • Sleep in an upright position for as long as recommended. 
  • Stay hydrated! Your body needs fluids while it’s healing, so be sure to drink enough water and avoid foods like salty snacks. 

What Can Breast Augmentation Correct?

There are various types of breast surgery available to help patients both cosmetically and medically. In some cases, the two may overlap to help achieve their optimal results. Breast augmentation, sometimes known medically as augmentation mammoplasty, usually involves placing breast implants in the breast tissue. For some patients, this may not be enough to achieve the desired result, so your surgeon may recommend a breast augmentation and lift.

How Big Can I Go With Breast Implants?

At Refine Clinic, we work closely with every patient to help understand their aesthetic vision and recreate it as best as possible. Your shape, build and skin availability are all important factors that must be considered before undergoing surgery. Patients who have little breast tissue are recommended to start small – jumping from an A to no more than a C cup, for example, to help ensure the safety of your muscles, skin, and breast tissue, as well as ensuring a good-looking result. If you are envisioning a large bust, you may need to consider the possibility of additional surgery. The size of your implants can affect breast augmentation in Sydney prices and the surgical approach. Schedule a free initial consultation with our very experienced Consultant at Refine Clinic in Bondi, to learn more about breast augmentation options! 

Will I Have Issues Breastfeeding?

Most breast augmentation patients in Sydney go on to breastfeed their kids with no complications or issues. If you are planning to become pregnant or breastfeed in the future, it is recommended to discuss this with your surgeon to help customise a plan that helps preserve your future goals. There is no danger of leaking material from your silicone or saline implants into your breastmilk.

Will Breast Augmentation Increase My Risk of Cancer?

Many of the women considering breast augmentation in Bondi Junction are concerned about the risk of breast cancer. Studies show that breast implants -both saline and silicone- do not increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Additionally, breast augmentation does not interfere with a doctor’s ability to detect cancer or perform screenings and tests. Furthermore, additional research shows that patients who do contract breast cancer have the same odds at being cancer-free when properly treated, as women without breast augmentation in Bondi Junction.

How Do I Choose An Implant?

Some patients in Bondi Junction know exactly what they wish to look like before starting their breast augmentation journey. Others visit multiple clinics in Bondi Junction for breast augmentation and want to discuss different options before deciding. You must also consider the type of implant, as there are various different shapes, sizes and materials available. At our office in Bondi, we provide residents of Sydney and surrounding areas in NSW free consultations for breast surgery. Book an appointment now to discuss your questions, concerns and beauty expectations with our cosmetic surgeon.

Come in for a free private consultation (normally valued at $300) with our experienced team to assess which breast procedure is best for you. If you want to enhance the shape and size of your breast a breast augmentation is for you. During your consultation we will go through costs, sizes and possible dates. Each consultation is tailored to meet your individual needs. We have many before/after photos in our clinic for you to view. Call us at (02) 8599 7161 to book in your consultation.

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