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Muscle Relaxants

Sunlight, eye strain, laughing and general stresses can appear on our faces in a myriad of ways and unfortunately not many of them are flattering and often the end result is wrinkles.

Frowning can result in forehead lines, laughing can cause crows feet or laugh lines and eye strain can create the glabella lines, which are the vertical frown lines that run between the eyebrows.

So what is the solution? Consider muscle relaxant injections. An alternative to this method are dermal fillers, which provide a much more natural method of relaxing muscles.

This form of non-surgical cosmetic treatment has become one of the most popular procedures in beauty salons and cosmetic surgery clinics as the muscle relaxant injections are non-invasive and cause only a mild, temporary discomfort.

The injections work by relaxing the muscles, as the name suggests, and softens your expression lines. The muscle relaxants do not distort your facial expressions.

Some lines are more significant than others and may benefit from multiple treatments. Two to three muscle relaxant injections over a 12 month period will significantly reduce lines and will reduce the time period between muscle relaxant treatments.

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