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Are there payment plans available?

Please visit our Payment Plans page for more information.

What could go wrong during surgery?

There is a potential risk associated with all surgical procedures, whether is be cosmetic or medical. Most of these risks involve complications with anesthesia during the surgery or infection occurring after the surgery. Refine cosmetic clinic employs only highly trained staff, capable of dealing with any emergency. Our staff’s highest priority is our patients health and therefore at the initial consultation your health will be assessed to see if you are at any risk during the procedure.

What is the cost of cosmetic surgery?

At Refine cosmetic clinic, we offer an initial free consultation. During this time we will discuss your surgery in depth with you, as well as the associated costs such as anesthesia. The final cost of your surgery will depend on what the procedure involves.

How long will it take to recover?

This depends on the surgery you receive and your overall health. For patients receiving Botox, there will be little or no recovery time, however the more complicated the surgery, the longer it will take to recover. Many patients will be bedridden for at least a day or two after the surgery, and will have to slowly resume normal activities over time. For example patients receiving a facelift will take 2 – 3 weeks to fully recovery. For patients receiving any type of implants, it may be up to 6 weeks before the patient feels fully comfortable doing activities such as exercise.

How will I know which breast cup size will suit me?

If you do not have any idea what cup size you want than your surgeon will discuss the options with you. Even if you have already decided what cup size you want, your surgeon will discuss whether or not this size is suitable to your body’s frame and shape.

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