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Breast Lift in Sydney

Lift and Trim Away Imperfections to Help Enhance Your Overall Appearance

Struggling with sagging breasts and loose skin on your chest? A breast lift procedure can be an excellent way to help address this concern and emphasize the natural feminine figure.


Breast Enhancement Reimagined

A woman’s body goes through many different changes throughout her life. Between hormone fluctuations, weight changes, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, it can take a toll on your appearance and skin laxity. The breasts, in particular, can be difficult to restore to their once firm and youthful appearance. A breast lift in Sydney can be an excellent way to help women reduce loose skin tissue and achieve a lifted, perkier bust.

Explore the Benefits a Breast Lift Offers

As women, changes in our body can cause us to feel less feminine or self-conscious. It may affect how you look or feel in certain clothing and even cause discomfort during some activities. A breast lift procedure can help reverse the effects of ageing and gravity on the skin. During a breast lift surgery in Sydney, a surgeon can trim away excess skin, fat and tissue from the area while correcting any other issues, such as pendulous or oversized nipples. Looking for the best breast lift surgeon in Sydney for you is an excellent way to help correct the issue of drooping or sagging breasts.

The Mastopexy Procedure

At Refine Clinic, we offer patients a FREE initial consultation to help them get a better understanding of procedures like a breast lift or other surgeries. This is the perfect opportunity to sit down with a qualified professional and discuss any questions you may have about the mastopexy procedure and any other type of breast surgery you might be interested in. Some consultants may be able to give you an idea of what the breast lift cost in Sydney. Some patients opt to combine a breast lift with implants to help achieve a fuller bust size or replenish lost volume. You can even ask to see before and after pictures for breast lift in Sydney or reviews from past patients!

Breast Implant Before and After

If you have sagging or stretching breast a breast lift could help lift and firm your breast. We will work with you to achieve the results you desire. We offer a free private consultation (normally valued at $300) to go over any questions you may have in regards to the surgery. We have several before/after photo’s to view in our clinic. Below is some general information about breast lift surgery itself. We look forward to meeting with you.

Breast lift surgery, or breast lift mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery that involves the lifting and firming of breasts that have experienced sagging or stretching. Many women experience breast changes throughout their lives, especially after pregnancy and breast feeding. Breasts will often loose firmness and volume and many women can feel self-conscious about this change in their appearance.

Breast lift surgery can restore breasts to their ‘former glory’ and the procedure is often performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation. Similar procedures offered by Refine Clinic include breast augmentation and breast reduction.

before and after Images
before and after Images
before and after Images
before and after Images
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About Refine Clinic

Refine Cosmetic Clinic is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, in Bondi Junction, and proudly serves the surrounding communities and states in New South Wales. Our lead cosmetic surgeon, Dr Ron Bezic, is our leading breast augmentation surgeon with an affinity for breast implants, lift, and similar procedures. Since 2007, we have provided residents and visitors of Australia with the high-quality service catered around each patient’s unique needs and aesthetic desires. Our facility offers free parking, Wi-Fi and even payment plans via MacCredit.



Finding the Right Surgeon for Your Breast Lift

If you are considering a breast lift in Sydney, one of the first steps will be to look for a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon that has experience in or specialises in cosmetic breast surgery. There are many resources available to help you find physicians that are certified and accredited by acclaimed schools, hospitals or other medical agencies. We recommend looking into testimonials, reviews and before & after pictures from previous patients. Some facilities offer free consultations to help you get hands-on experience and sit down with a professional that can help answer any questions you may have.

What Does Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Sydney?

A breast lift procedure is a highly delicate surgery that should be tailored to suit each patient’s needs individually. What the breast lift in Sydney cost is for one patient, may be different for another, so it is important to discuss any budgeting or potential prices with your facility directly. Some patients may opt to include other techniques or treatments, such as breast implants or a breast reduction to help achieve a more desirable size. Ultimately, for a breast lift in Sydney, price will vary based on your unique procedure.

Is Breast Lift Right For Me?

A breast lift procedure can be especially beneficial for women who have started to notice a significant change in the perkiness and elasticity of their breast tissue. You may notice your breasts have begun to sag, hang, or point downward. This may be due to changes in the body, hormones or just gravity over time. No matter the case, women who struggle with self-esteem issues or difficulties finding a comfortable fitting bra or bathing suit top due to sagging breasts may be an ideal candidate for a breast lift procedure in Sydney. It’s important to consider the breast lift in Sydney cost also,, as budgeting for this procedure can help to determine whether it is right for you at this point!

What Can A Breast Lift Correct?

A breast lift procedure is can be an excellent way to address imperfections in your appearance and accentuate the natural curves of your body. Women can see an improvement in the entire contour of their body, since cosmetic surgery can help to highlight certain areas of your figure. In addition to helping lift sagging breasts, a mastopexy procedure can help women who struggle with any of the following symptoms:

  • Your areola is stretched out of proportion
  • The nipple or areola on either side points downward when not in a bra or shirt
  • Breasts that are flat, deflated, or lost volume and shape
  • Your breasts or nipples get change underneath your arms or in your skin when unsupported
  • Your breasts are disproportionate and sit at different heights on your chest

The combined breast cosmetic surgery can increase bust size, increase firmness and volume and produce a more womanly, aesthetically pleasing bust line. There are a number of surgical procedure options when it comes to a breast lift mastopexy.

Call us today to discuss any other questions you may have, as well as the breast lift cosmetic surgery costs.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 

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