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Rhinoplasty in Sydney

Improve facial symmetry and enhance your profile with rhinoplasty surgery. More commonly known as a nose job in Sydney, Refine Cosmetic Clinic can help you take the first step towards a beautiful new look. Call us today to get started!

How Does Rhinoplasty in Sydney Work?

Facial cosmetic surgery is popular among men and women who feel their current features distract from their appearance. Some patients may wish to correct asymmetry or disproportion to help enhance their facial profile and enhance their appearance. Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a type of nasal surgery that is typically used to help improve aesthetic imperfections. A talented surgeon can help to alter or improve the overall size or shape of your nose as well as smaller details like bumps or wide nostrils.


Choosing a Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Sydney

The right cosmetic surgeon can help provide excellent results that are catered around your unique needs. When patients first begin researching rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney, all the options can be overwhelming. Knowing what to look into and what to ask help match potential patients with surgeons. Ultimately, the goal is finding a safe and reliable facility that understands your needs aesthetically, medically and financially. Look into finding a rhinoplasty expert in Sydney or an ENT and Facial Surgery expert.

Dr Alan

Meet Our Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dr Alan Evans is a rhinoplasty surgeon in Sydney. More specifically, he is the resident ENT & Facial Cosmetic Surgeon at Refine Cosmetic Clinic and holds various qualifications, including MBBCH, FCS, FRCS, FRACS. He’s also a Fellow of the Australasian Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Evans is originally from South Africa, where he has studied and earned various accreditations. He has over 25 years of experience as an ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgery and facial cosmetic surgeon and is particularly adept in revision rhinoplasty in Sydney. You can learn more about Dr Evans and his previous rhinoplasty procedures by scheduling a consultation with us!

Benefits of a Nose Job in Sydney

The nose is the focal point of the face and can often be the first thing people notice. Imperfections, blemishes, bumps and defects can stand out and impact someone’s ability to feel confident or comfortable with their appearance. A top benefit of rhinoplasty in Sydney is improved facial harmony, which can help improve self-esteem and body image in many patients. Other benefits, aside from aesthetic improvements in the shape, size or overall build of the nose, include functional repair to correct injury, sinus trouble, or even reduce snoring.


What Does Rhinoplasty in Sydney Cost?

The cost of a nose job in Sydney may not be the same for every patient. At Refine Clinic, we customise our procedures to help suit the unique needs of everyone who visits us. The cost of surgery also helps to cover fees associated with the operating theatre, anesthesiologist, surgical equipment and more. Our facility accepts cash, direct deposit, and most major credit cards to cover rhinoplasty cost in Sydney. We also offer payment plans to help ensure our procedures remain affordable for all patients.

Rhinoplasty Before and After

When looking into rhinoplasty in Sydney, reviews by previous patients can help give an idea of what to expect. Many surgeons focus or are expertly trained in certain aspects of rhinoplasty or similar nasal surgery. Top rhinoplasty surgeons in Sydney can offer a delicate approach to this type of procedure to help achieve optimal results. It can also help patients find a surgeon whose approach matches the aesthetic they are hoping to achieve.

Looking through before and after pictures of previous patients who have also undergone a rhinoplasty can help patients feel more confident in making their decision. At Refine Clinic, we happily provide images of past patients who received a nose job or revision rhinoplasty in Sydney by Dr Evans. Look through images of previous rhinoplasty patients here, or inquire about this option during a consultation at our facility!

Rhinoplasty Before and After 1
Rhinoplasty Before and After Side
Before and After Nose Job
Rhinoplasty Surgery Before and After
Rhinoplasty Before and After Closeup
Effects of Rhinoplasty Surgery
After Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery
Side View Rhinoplasty Patient
Close Up Look Rhinoplasty After Surgery
Nose Surgery Before and After Photo
Side View Of Nose Job Surgery Patient
Refine Clinic Sydney Rhinoplasty Before and After

About Refine Clinic

Since 2006, the team at Refine Cosmetic Clinic has worked diligently to provide residents of Bondi Junction and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney with a high-end cosmetic surgery facility. Our goal is to offer a personalised level of care that isn’t always present among practitioners in Australia. In addition to a nose job in Sydney, our facility offers a myriad of cosmetic and cosmetic surgery procedures. We strive to deliver a customer-centred approach and speak plainly with patients using layman terms and language that is easily understood. We also work to deliver affordable procedures, ensuring our rhinoplasty in Sydney prices are competitive; we also have payment plans available.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular facial surgery procedures in Australia. Our surgeons have decades of experience and a unique level of care and attention that helps patients feel safe and comfortable before, during and after their procedures. Call us at (02) 8599 7161 to schedule a complimentary consultation at our facility in Bondi Junction.



Am I a Good Candidate For Rhinoplasty?

If you have ever felt embarrassed or self-conscious about your nose or had trouble with certain functions, a nose job in Sydney might be right for you. For some, aesthetics issues may be life-long, even leading to some teasing by peers in their youth, while others may have suffered an injury or disease that affected the function of their nose. Nasal surgery is an excellent solution to help permanent correct issues such as:

Crooked nasal tip
Too small or too big for the face, causing disproportion
Nostril shape or size
Bumps or curves in the nasal bridge
Width of the nasal tip, nostrils or bridge
Deviated septum
Structural problems that cause issues breathing
Chronic sinusitis, inflammation or other sinus problems

It’s important to remember when considering rhinoplasty cost in Sydney, more complicated procedures will require more experience and care.

What is a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is a term used to describe secondary nasal surgery. At Refine Clinic in Sydney, revision rhinoplasty is used to correct a previous rhinoplasty, or to further improve something that couldn’t be achieved with the first procedure. Patients who have undergone a nose job in Bondi Junction or the surrounding areas that are unhappy with their results may choose to visit a new surgeon that is expertly trained with revision rhinoplasty. Dr Alan Evans has plenty of experience with secondary rhinoplasty and understands the risk of scar tissue and other complications. We can help you achieve your desired results!

What Type of Nasal Surgery Do You Offer?

At Refine Clinic, our rhinoplasty expert, Dr Alan Evans, is an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon as well as a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon. This means he has experience performing nasal surgery for both cosmetic and functional reasons. In some cases, patients require assistance with both to help achieve optimal results. When searching for nasal surgery, finding someone who can perform various delicate techniques to help correct structural issues can make the difference between needed a secondary surgery! At our facility, we utilize various techniques to provide comprehensive consultations and deliver a personalised approach to every nose job in Sydney. Cost is something we consider for every patient.

What is Rhinoplasty Recovery Like in Sydney?

Immediately after a rhinoplasty, like any surgery, you will experience some pain, soreness, inflammation, and bruising. Your skin and the tissue around the surgical site will be tender and you’ll be given care instructions to follow in the first few days, as well throughout your entire healing process. Most patients will be instructed to wear a splint and sleep in an upright position for the first week. This will help reduce swelling, ensure the nose heals in the desired way and diminish fluid build-up. Patients will also be instructed to avoid strenuous activity and anything that require bending forward for up to several weeks after their procedure.

After the first few months, patients will start to see the blunt of their results, although some swelling and fluids will remain for up to a year. Because of this, many patients feel their nose isn’t exactly what they picture and opt for secondary surgery to help correct it. However, at Refine Clinic, we recommend patients wait at least 12 months before considering revision rhinoplasty. Not only will this mean another nose job in Sydney and cost will likely be higher, but patients will have to undergo further recovery.

Indications of Rhinoplasty include:

– decreasing the overall size of the nose
– Removing the bump on the bridge
– Narrowing a wider bridge
– Refining or narrowing the tip
– Augmenting or adding size to increase projection of the nose
– Altering the nostrils
– Straightening the nose if it is crooked
– Straightening a deviated septum (the dividing walls between the air passages) to improve nasal breathing
– Restoring the height of the bridge following injury or previous surgery

At you initial consultation Dr Evans will ask for you to express your concerns about your appearance and to describe your symptoms as well what you would like to be achieved. Digital photography will be taken and with the use of modern imagine software you nose will be altered to attain a result that should be both pleasing to you and surgically achievable to Dr Evans. A Rhinoplasty information pack will be sent to you with your images and quotations for the surgery will be mailed to you and a further consultation is usually required to answer and questions you may have.

For outstanding skill and natural look results please call 8599 7161 for a free private consult today (normally valued at $300). If you are interested in a gorgeous functional option our expert team have over 20 years experience and many before/after photo’s to view in the clinic. Rhinoplasty can be undertaken purely for Cosmetic reasons and or for functional reasons. At Refine Cosmetic Clinic our ENT and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Alan Evans has helped thousands of people to revise their natural nose and achieve a look that suits the natural contours of their face as well as helping patients change consequences of genetics, birth defect or injury. It can be done to enhance your appearance and / or improve your nasal breathing.

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