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Lightstim for Acne – How It Can Improve Skin Texture To Prevent Scarring?

If acne breakouts are affecting the quality of your skin and your self confidence, acne treatment with Lightstim could be the solution. Specialised light technology called Lightstim can target mild to moderate acne prone skin, reducing inflammation and speeding up the skin’s healing response. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of lightstim for acne.


What Is Acne And Why Does The Skin Break Out?

Acne occurs when the follicles of your skin get blocked with dead skin cells and oil. The result can be black heads, whiteheads or pimples, or a combination of these. Contrary to popular belief acne can affect people of all ages, and does not just affect you during your teenage years.

A combination of bacteria, inflammation, blocked skin pores and excess oil production all contribute to the development of acne. It may affect different parts of your face, as well as your chest, back, neck and shoulders, as this is where you have the highest concentration of sweat glands. If you have acne you need specialised acne treatment to prevent future breakouts and prevent your  delicate skin from scarring.


Triggers For Acne Breakouts

Acne-prone skin may be very susceptible to break outs so it helps to know what triggers break outs or makes them worse. Never pick at or squeeze your pimples, as this causes the infection to spread under your skin. It can make your breakout more inflamed and look worse, and it can cause scarring.

Some examples of acne triggers include:



Hormones can signal your body to make more sebum, and for pores to become enlarged. Going through periods of intense hormonal changes such as puberty, menopause and pregnancy may also trigger acne breakouts.



The adage is true – you are what you eat. If you are able to follow a wholesome, clean diet that is rich in leafy greens and minimises processed foods and sugar, it will be reflected in the quality of your skin.



Lifestyle stress can make acne worse and trigger breakouts. Maintaining balance in your life during stressful periods is important to remember.



Sometimes medications for chronic conditions can cause acne breakouts to worsen.


Acne Treatment To Improve Skin Quality


triggers lightstim for acne bondi junction

Get Moving 

Introducing some exercise into your daily routine can help with stress management and with acne breakouts. Swimming, cycling and jogging for half an hour a day can do your body a world of good.


Clean Up Your Diet

Caffeine, sugar and processed foods can wreak havoc on the quality of your skin and with your hormones, creating a cycle that is difficult to break. By eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables you ensure that your body is getting the vitamin and mineral content that it needs for optimal health. Quitting alcohol and tobacco products will also work to the benefit of your skin.


Drink Water

Ditch the sodas, coffee and tea for plain water. It is all your body needs for hydration and you need enough of it for your excretory system to work properly. Carbonated drinks and sodas introduce a lot of extra sugar into your diet, while alcohol and caffeinated drinks cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash


Try Lightstim For Acne

A product like Lightstim, which has been formulated especially to address mild to moderate acne breakouts, can help to reduce the severity and frequency of breakouts when used regularly. It has been formulated specially as an acne treatment and is gentle on the skin.

Lightstim is an acne treatment that emits different coloured waves of light at the skin, to nourish and stimulate it through the different layers. Lightstim for acne can deliver a more radiant complexion in conjunction with other positive lifestyle changes.

You can use this acne treatment on problem areas for up to three minutes per session, during which time different light waves are  transmitted to the area being worked on. This gives you a chance to focus on the areas of most concern.

This acne treatment is gentle enough to be used every day. Using it daily will accelerate positive results.


Benefits Of Lightstim

Preventing acne breakouts with Lightstim and speeding up your skin’s healing response can vastly improve whether your skin is blemished after a break out. Less severe and less frequent breakouts, as well as an improved healing response can make a major difference to whether your skin scars after a break out.

Using Lightstim for acne on a regular basis improves the quality of your complexion, improves circulation, and helps to heal sun damaged skin. It boosts your skin’s production of collagen and elastin to reveal a smoother, less inflamed complexion. Improving inflammation can make a difference to future breakouts, and the severity of the break out also determines how likely your skin is to scar.

Using Lightstim on skin that is already scarred can help to thin out scar tissue and improve the texture of the skin. It may also assist in preventing the skin from forming dark spots after an acne blemish has healed.


To find out more about Lightstim for acne and whether you could be a candidate please contact us: (02) 8599 7161

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