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Do Lip Fillers Hurt? – The Benefits Of Lip Filling Procedure

Dermal injectables, like lip and facial fillers, are an increasingly popular cosmetic enhancement option among both men and women throughout Australia. In Sydney, many patients who struggle with the loss of volume or naturally thin lips can benefit from lip injections. As a non-surgical procedure, it has increased popularity thanks to reduced downtime and minimally painful sessions. While it’s important to remember that lip fillers are not permanent, they can often be long-lasting, with some patients seeing results for up to 2 years with some products!

Facial rejuvenation services can be an excellent way to help enhance your overall appearance or improve balance and harmony among your features. Lip fillers can target specific areas that are losing volume over time, or areas that may benefit from added fullness. They can also help to smooth fine lines around the lips and subtly rejuvenate the entire area. Using high-quality ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, licensed cosmetic professionals can help achieve natural-looking results that may improve over time.

When considering a lip augmentation procedure, many patients consider various factors, such as the potential results, recovery time, and any pain to consider. Scheduling a consultation at a reputable cosmetic surgery facility can help you take the first step. At Refine Clinic, our expert consultant sits down with new patients to help them understand the procedure and provide recommendations based on their unique needs and aesthetic desires.


How Do Lip Fillers Work?

Finding facial harmony can help many patients feel more confident in many aspects of their lives. Lip augmentation is an excellent way to address any concerns or issues with wrinkles, volume loss, or overall thinning in the lips. For some patients, this can occur over time, as a natural side effect of aging. Our bodies produce less collagen as we age, causing wrinkles, drooping, and sagging to occur in the skin. Lip fillers can help address all of these concerns! For other patients, the desire is purely cosmetic, and they are hoping to enhance the natural contour of their lips to achieve a more accentuated pout.

lip fillers do lip fillers hurt bondi junctionAt Refine Clinic, we offer Juvederm® products to help patients achieve fuller, plumper lips. The main ingredient is hyaluronic acid (HA), which is found naturally within the skin. It helps bind moisture to the cells to increase volume and boost collagen production in the area. Typically, lip fillers require a few days to weeks to see full results, but the procedure can be completed in under an hour for most patients! The effects of these fillers will vary but typically last around six months to a year before reapplication is necessary. Other types of lip fillers use collagen, but this procedure is losing popularity in the wake of HA treatments.

Fat transfers are also a common option for filler! Using the patient’s own fat, a nurse or cosmetic surgeon can augment the lip to achieve a rounder, more voluminous result. Since the donor fat is harvested from another area in the body – typically using liposuction or a similar technique – there is no risk of allergy. Fat transfer lip fillers can also help to provide a more natural-looking result, but there is a chance the fat will be reabsorbed, requiring reapplication more often. Talking to an expert can help you understand the differences to determine which is best for you.


Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

The lip filler procedure is typically fast, easy, and can be virtually painless – but it is important to discuss any risks or potential for discomfort with your nurse practitioner or cosmetic surgeon. Some patients may feel slight discomfort during the injections, and for a few hours after, but it is often compared to a minor pinch.

The amount of filler and injection sites will be discussed during your consultation or before your appointment, and you’ll be given thorough aftercare instructions. While there may be a small healing period, most patients are free to return to their day immediately.

If you are anxious or worried about the potential for pain, feel free to discuss it with your consultant! “Do lip fillers hurt?” is a common concern among most first-time patients, so if you are worried about feeling any pain – you are not alone!

At Refine Clinic, we always work to accommodate our patients, as their comfortability is our top priority. We can help provide numbing agents to reduce the pinching sensation during the injections, and arnica is recommended to take before and after lip fillers to help reduce any swelling and bruising at the injection sites.  Ice is an excellent way to reduce any pain both before and after treatment, as it can numb the area as well as reduce swelling!


Lip Filler Treatments in Sydney

Do lip fillers hurt an unbearable amount? Most patients would say no! The popularity around lip fillers often stems from its minimally-invasive nature, and ability to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results. At Refine Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney, our surgeons and cosmetic injectors work closely with patients to understand their cosmetic needs and deliver a customised experience.


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