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What Are the Benefits of LED Light Therapy on the Skin?


Discover How You Can Enhance Your Appearance With LEDs

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED light therapy is one of the easiest, fastest ways to achieve mild to moderate skin enhancement in the face. The procedure uses carefully placed lights across your face to treat a variety of skin conditions, like rosacea and uneven skin texture. Sometimes billed as PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy), LED therapy uses Light Emitting Diodes that transmit electromagnetic waves at varying wavelengths to penetrate your face at a cellular level.


What Does LED Light Therapy Correct?

Almost everyone falls victim to the inevitable signs of aging that can develop in our skin and throughout our features. Wrinkles, sagging skin, and acne scars are common ailments that plague men and women of all ages, even those with nearly flawless skin! Thanks to medical technology and developments of cosmetic surgery, high-end skincare techniques are readily available across Australia. LED light therapy benefits include an alternative to more invasive techniques like fillers or liquid facelifts, plus it is completely non-surgical!

At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, we strive to stay on top of the latest in surgical and non-surgical therapy for patients looking to rejuvenate their appearance. Benefits of LED light therapy include:

benefits of led light therapy led light therapy benefits bondi junction

  • Provides brighter skin tone and texture
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimises rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema
  • Hydrates and moisturise dehydrated skin
  • Rejuvenates skin that is dull or lacklustre
  • Reduces pore size
  • Regulates natural oil production in the skin
  • Calms irritated, inflamed, and reddened skin
  • Helps control puffy, saggy skin
  • Treats sunburn
  • Helps to reduce stress and hormones that cause anxiety


How Does LED Light Improve Your Appearance?

When science meets beauty and cosmetic care, magical things can occur! LED light therapy benefits allow the products to penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue on a cellular level, stimulating energy within the mitochondria and promoting the production of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which helps cells regenerate faster. In turn, this causes blood to circulate, and collagen and elastin growth to occur. Ultimately, new, fresh cells take the place of damaged, uneven skin, leaving patients with a refreshed appearance after treatment.

Plus, the exposure to LED lights is absolutely safe and can be applied to any skin type. The products we use at Refine Cosmetic Clinic are 100% safe and have been approved by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a cosmetic enhancement treatment.

The benefits of LED light therapy are revered by celebrities all over the world. It is an excellent option to achieve glowing skin and quickly relieve the skin of any visible blemishes while promoting healthy cell growth over time. The light has no negative effects on the skin, and you don’t even need protective eyewear when receiving treatments!


Types of LED Light

As no type of skin care issue is uniquely identical, there should be a variety of services available to treat different issues. One of the benefits of LED light therapy is the ability to use different coloured lights to achieve varying levels of penetration in the subcutaneous tissue.

For example, blue LED light, which is the most common treatment option among patients who wish to treat acne-related issues. Blue LED light therapy benefits patients who struggle with these blemishes, as it can kill the bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes that can cause unsightly pimples and breakouts. It can help to quell inflammation, puffiness and similar mild to moderate acne symptoms.

Yellow LED light, on the other hand, can stimulate deeper tissues within the skin. Yellow LED light therapy benefits men and women who want to soften fine lines, correct skin tone and improve texture across their skin, neck or chest. It can also help to promote wound healing!


Try LED Light Therapy Today

In Sydney, LED Light therapy is becoming increasingly popular among patients who want to incorporate innovative treatments into their regular skin enhancement regimen or want a quick glow-up without getting stuck by needles. LED light therapy benefits patients in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney who wish to avoid invasive surgical techniques and still achieve noticeable results in as little as 20 minutes. Contact Refine Clinic today at (02) 8599 7161 to learn more about the benefits of Sydney LED light treatments at our facility in Bondi Junction!

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