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How Much Is A Breast Implant? Your Guide To Breast Implant Cost

Are you considering the idea of undergoing breast implant surgery? If so, you must comprehend what expenses are involved in this type of procedure. It can be difficult to understand the varying factors in calculating how much a breast implant will cost, from size and material selection to insurance coverage.

In this blog post, we’ll answer all your questions about understanding the costs associated with getting a breast implant. We’ll break down what goes into determining the price for breast implants and discuss ways to make them more affordable while achieving great results.

Whether you’re looking for information on why some implants are priced differently than others or want tips on financing options available, this is the right place!



Overview of the Different Types of Breast Implants and their Average Prices

Breast augmentation is becoming an increasingly popular choice for women desiring to improve their breast size and shape. Different breast implant sizes, shapes, textures, and fill materials are available to choose from when considering breast augmentation.

With numerous kinds of breast implants available, your surgeon will take the time to explain each variety thoroughly. Rest assured that all implant brands sold in Australia have been evaluated and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Furthermore, due to the different pricing strategies of manufacturers and their distributors, you can expect some variation in cost between each brand.

First, choosing the correct implant for you is important, but most surgeons prefer silicone breast implants if you are in Australia. Silicone or saline implants option both exist to meet your individual needs; however, many patients find they get a softer feel with silicone implants compared to saline-filled ones.

Next, to ensure the highest quality of care and results, you’ll need to carefully consider the type of implant best suited for your body. From brand to texture or shape – all factors can influence the price tag, so it’s important that you have an experienced surgeon by your side who is familiar with a particular brand that they trust. With their help, you can confidently choose which implants are right for you!

Carefully consider your desired cup size after surgery when selecting the right option for you. Of course, larger sizes are accompanied by a higher price tag when it comes to breast augmentation procedures.


How to Prepare For a Breast Implant Surgery

Undergoing breast enhancement surgery can be an overwhelming thought, but with the right preparation, you’ll feel more at ease during your surgery.

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You must first seek out a qualified surgeon who can explain the breast augmentation procedure in-depth and help you craft a plan for your recovery so that you know what to expect every step of the way.

Be certain to inform your surgeon of any allergies, medical conditions and medications you’re taking that may impact the procedure. Additionally, it is wise to purchase post-operative items such as supportive bras and recovery garments to care for yourself during the healing period effectively.

Ideally, breast augmentation surgery should be discussed with your surgeon well before the surgery date so that you and the physician are prepared for a successful breast enhancement experience.


Insurance Coverage for Breast Implants

Breast augmentations can be a great way to gain confidence and feel more comfortable in your own body; however, these procedures come with risks. Fortunately, now many insurance companies offer coverage for breast augmentation cost through specific policies or rider plans.

These plans tend to vary greatly between providers and locations, so it’s important to read the fine print when researching these options. Besides just the cost of the procedure, these policies may also provide coverage for follow-up care, such as physical exams and diagnostic tests. Discuss all available options with your doctor before deciding what course of action is best for you.


Other Expenses Associated with Getting a Breast Implant Procedure

Although cosmetic procedures, such as breast implants, can be expensive, many other associated costs should be considered before undergoing any cosmetic surgery.

These expenses include consultations with cosmetic surgeons to determine the best procedure to use, testing fees and screening appointments prior to the procedure, anaesthesia costs, recovery fees, including post-operative care and follow-up checkups, and medications.

Additionally, depending on the cosmetic surgery clinic you choose and the cosmetic surgeon you select, additional costs may be associated with cosmetic surgery. Ultimately, when considering a cosmetic procedure, such as getting breast implants, it is important to be mindful of the additional costs of this type of cosmetic surgery.


Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Breast Implant

Breast implants can range from relatively affordable to extremely expensive. The cost of a breast implant procedure is affected by multiple factors, including the type of implant material, insurance coverage, geographic location, your surgeon’s level of expertise, the condition of your breast tissue and the type of surgery required will all influence the cost of your procedure.

Saline and silicone gel implants are among the most common and highest-quality materials used today; each carries vastly different price tags, and both vary in terms of durability and safety.

Additionally, if your condition is a medically indicated breast surgery, such as breast reconstruction, it may be covered by insurance, thus reducing or eliminating the cost of a breast implant procedure. Similarly, if you have dense or misshapen breasts that require additional work, this can increase the cost of the procedure.

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If you require a breast lift or have other more uncommon breast conditions, for example, constricted breasts or significant breast asymmetry, you may require a longer operation or non-standard breast augmentation, which may increase the cost of surgery.

In addition, insurance does not usually cover the cost of breast augmentation for aesthetic reasons; out-of-pocket payment plans may be required for these surgeries when applicable.

Lastly, widely experienced surgeons often have higher charges than those without.

All these factors are important in determining the final cost when considering breast implant surgery.


Tips For Saving Money On A Breast Implant Procedure

Breast implant surgery can be a significant financial investment, but there are ways to make it more affordable. Research is key; if you’re not already familiar with the cosmetic surgeons in your area, read reviews and consider your qualifications and experience.

Look for specials or deals posted online and inquire about bundling options that let you purchase multiple procedures at once. Meeting with more than one doctor can allow you to compare costs – be sure to take price quotes into account as well as the quality of care!

Lastly, don’t forget to ask if they offer any sort of financing option that may point you in the right direction when it comes to saving money on the procedure.



After learning about the various types of breast implants, their average prices, and considerations for a successful outcome, you may be feeling eager to pursue your procedure. Before starting down that path, however, be sure to assess how much you can afford to pay after factoring in insurance coverage and any other associated costs.

While costs vary depending on all of these factors, there are ways to save money, such as researching clinics with current promotions or selecting an implant option with a lower price.

If you wish to explore your breast implant options further and want answers to the question of how much is a breast implant? Refine Clinic would be more than happy to help guide you through the process. Contact us today on (02) 8599 7161 or visit our website for more information. Together we can make your goals become a reality!





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