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Breast Implants Size — How to Choose the Perfect Size for Your Breasts?

Do you know that in Australia, around 20,000 women undergo breast implant surgery every year? Yes, that’s how popular breast implants have become!

Breast implants are silicone shells, containing saline water or silicone gel, placed in your breast through a delicate surgical process. It is a cosmetic procedure that is carried out responsibly by trained cosmetic surgeons only. Breast implant for reconstructive purposes after cancer is known as breast reconstruction, while the implants, when placed in a healthy person to change the size or shape of breasts, is called breast augmentation.

Before deciding on whether or not to get implants, it is very important to be well-informed regarding the cosmetic procedure.


Types of breast implants



Silicon implants are the most used breast implants since they are long-lasting. They are preferred by surgeons due to high safety standards, less rupture, rare infection, and low leakage rate since the filling is solid. 



Saline implants have a shorter span of life and may cause multiple issues, such as sloshing and rippling due to air absorption. The soft tissues around the breast can change the shape of saline breast implants. The Implants can rupture, damage, and leak saline liquid, causing infection.


What is better? Smooth implants or textured implants?

Smooth textured implants have a smooth outer shell, allowing a natural feel, and are long-lasting.

types implant breast bondi junctionHowever, they may cause rippling and shift in position with time, especially if you have less natural breast tissue.

Textured implants have a coarse outer shell which helps to keep them in place and avoid shifting position. Textured breast implants usually come in the form of a tear-drop shape.

There may be a downside to having textured implants since they are prone to wrinkling and may look a little unnatural if compared to its counterpart.


Why choose breast implants?

There can be a plethora of reasons why you may wish to have breast implants. Some common reasons why it is popular among women are

  •       Restoration of size: Hormonal changes, pregnancy, ageing, and weight loss can reduce the size of breasts.
  •       Asymmetrical breasts: For some, the asymmetrical breasts are very prominent and appear visibly misaligned.
  •       Mastectomy: Removal of breast tissue in case of cancer or other serious medical illnesses.
  •       Gender Affirmation: Breasts can accurately express gender identity
  •       Improved Confidence: Breast implants can improve your body image.


Understanding the breast implant profile

A breast implant profile helps you get an idea of the shape and contour of your breast and visualize how much increase/decrease or change in shape you’re looking for to add fullness.

Your implant is measured in volume, such as 400cc, 600cc, etc. In terms of cup size, each implant volume increased by 100cc to 150cc gives one cup increased bra size.

types implant breast bondi junctionYou can have the same volume but different high or low profiles that determine the final look. An increase in the volume of your implants would mean an increased projection of breasts.  

  • Low-profile implants are suitable for wider chests and appear relatively flat in appearance with less projection. It is done by pushing the centre of your breasts outwards, giving a soft flat look.
  • Medium-profile implants look natural and suit smaller chests.
  • High-profile implants look entirely different from the other two profiles giving a very prominent round appearance. They are usually preferred for narrow chests.


How to choose breast implants size?

The primary purpose of getting breast surgery is to enhance the breast size and shape for an improved natural look. Wrong breast size can result in an improper appearance and poor aesthetics. Apart from other measurement techniques, your cosmetic surgeon may ask you to try on different implant-sized bras of your desired size to make up your mind about the final result. A general size determining check includes details on :

  • Body frame
  • Measurement of your torso
  • The health of breast tissue
  • Skin elasticity


Smaller vs larger breast implants

There’s a lot more to having breast implants than deciding how the new bust should look like. The process of having small and large implants is different, and it is essential to weigh the pros and cons before concluding the right breast implant size.


Benefits of small breast implants

If you have a small natural breast and a petite frame, then you can carry both small and large implants. Small breast implants offer many medical and cosmetic advantages while offering the needed boost.

  • A smaller implant gives a more natural look while saving most of your natural tissue during the surgery, giving it a smooth texture.
  • The larger the size of the implants, the more potential stretch marks. Less space is required to fit in smaller implants.
  • Smaller and fewer incisions are needed to insert the implants with minimum scarring.
  • Recovering is quick and smooth since there is little damage to the natural breast tissue, resulting in fewer post-op complications.
  • Your body adjusts quickly to support the smaller weight of the new implants, reducing the chances of back and shoulder pain.

 If you want to augment your breasts significantly, then smaller implants may not satisfy you. A high-profile augmentation is possible through the placement of large implants. 


implant boobs perfect shape bondi junctionBenefits of Large Breast Implants

The best part about large breasts is that they add an overall glamourous contour to your body, providing the dreamy look of an hourglass figure. An hourglass figure attracts a lot of attention.

Bigger implants suit women who have broad shoulders, wide chests, and a good height to project large breasts.

But wait! Bigger breasts aren’t always better.

  • Large breast implants can hinder your normal daily activities if you are a sport-loving person. Running and exercising are not supported by a large breast profile.
  • Large breast implants are heavy and may lead to sagging breasts with damaged breast tissue if not carried with care.
  • A breast lift surgery might be required later on to support and tighten the tissue around your breast.



What are the factors to consider before choosing breast implants?

Breast augmentation is performed if you want to increase the shape and size of your breast.  Aside from sizing, your cosmetic surgeon will factor in a few more things before deciding if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.


1. Personal Beauty Standard

The process of getting breast implants is a very personal decision. You may like to increase or reduce the size of your breasts depending on how you want yourself to look. You should decide whether you want to opt for an enhanced or a more discrete look.

Your surgeon can then look at the suitability profile and discuss the options with it.


2. Shape of implants

Teardrop and round breast implants are the two shapes offered to achieve your desired look. A round breast implant provides you with deep cleavage and a firm appearance however, the teardrop shape mimics the shape of natural breasts.


boob proportions surgery bondi junction3. Natural Figure

Your natural body proportions play a major role in determining your breast implant size. The type of implants varies for narrow and wide-chest women. If you are tall and have a more sculpted torso, then implants with a wider diameter would match your body.


4. Age

Skin elasticity in young people makes it easier for breast implants to adjust without causing stretch mark scars. But if you’re older, then your skin may sag after the surgery, and you might require a breast lift surgeon. High-profile breast implants are suggested for women with less skin elasticity.


5. Lifestyle

If you are fond of high-intensity physical activity or heavy gym workouts, then your surgeon may recommend only a slight increase in your breast size. Large breast implants can damage the surrounding tissue and create a feeling of discomfort.


What are the risks involved?

Like all other surgeries, breast implants also have risks and complications.

right measurement breasts bondi junctionIn some cases, complications are short terms and resolve during the recovery period, while some may be long-term and can happen months later after receiving the implant, such as hardening of the implants.

Breast implants will improve your size and shape, but they are not meant to lift your breasts.

For both increased size and lifting, you would need to look at a combination of surgeries with the relevant surgeon.

If you are breastfeeding, then you may experience a reduced flow of milk or no flow at all.


Preparing for breast implant surgery

There may be a few months between your decision and the actual date of your surgery. Utilize that time frame to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the surgery. Some important points are discussed below for you-


Be mindful of your fitness

Practice proper fitness through a strength training exercise, walking, and posture-improving yoga. But make sure you don’t overdo it. Avoid anything that causes your upper body muscles to be strained and leaves your body drained. 


Monitor your diet

If you are on a crash diet or consuming large amounts of junk food regularly, then you need a complete shift of diet weeks before the surgery to recover quickly.

Make sure to intake more protein, fruits, and vegetables to maintain a well-balanced diet. 


Quit Smoking

Smoking can delay your recovery period. It is advised to be alcohol and nicotine free at least 3 weeks before your surgery. This includes not only cigarettes but also vapes, marijuana, and any other drugs that are consumed.


Prepare for the post-op period

If you are a working woman, notify your employer of the surgery and take ample time off from your work to have a comfortable recovery. Keep in mind at least one week of complete bed rest is required. 

Ask for support in housework, children, regular tasks, and driving during the early days after your surgery. You need to arrange transportation to take you to and from the surgery. You would also need the supervision of a responsible adult for at least 20-24 hours following surgery. 


bust shape size increase bondi junctionPre-Operative testing

You may be asked to have yourself tested for different conditions before the surgery. These tests are very important, and delaying them might actually push ahead the date of your surgery.

Ensure to have all the tests done well before time to avoid last-minute hassle at the doctor’s office.


Be mentally prepared

Ask yourself whether you are ready for this change. Breast implants bring about visible changes in your breasts. Before going for the procedure, make up your mind about receiving new breasts and an altered appearance.


Medical history

Inform your doctor of your detailed medical history in case you are suffering or have suffered from any medical conditions. Notifying your doctor if you are pregnant or taking any prescription medication will minimize the risks involved. 


Recovery after the surgery

Complete recovery after the breast implant surgery takes place between 4 to 6 weeks. The first week will cause discomfort, and to ease that, your surgeon will prescribe pain medication for the first three to five days. During this time, if you notice anything unusual such as bleeding or unbearable pain, then do not hesitate to book an emergency appointment with your doctor.

In the next weeks, you can ease into your routine with a light workload. Doing any strenuous activity or labour-intensive job will prolong the recovery period. Lifting heavy objects is also prohibited.

You must not miss any post-operation scheduled visit to the doctor. A professional needs to monitor your healing process to minimize the risk of complications.

Generally speaking, you will be able to resume a completely normal routine, two months after your surgery.

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your new figure and accept the new “you” wholeheartedly.

Are you ready to enhance your beauty through breast implants? If yes, book your appointment with Refine Clinic or call (02) 8599 7161  to book your consultation with our experienced cosmetic surgeon.






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