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What Is Rhinoplasty? All You Need To Know About Nose Job Surgery

Do you want to find out ‘what is rhinoplasty’? Also called a nose job, rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure whereby the size and shape of the nose is surgically altered. You can have rhinoplasty surgery for medical or cosmetic reasons. Today we’re going to have a look at rhinoplasty, when you might need it, and what you can expect from the procedure.


What Is Rhinoplasty Used For?

Some patients request rhinoplasty to correct or reshape their nose, in order to address structural concerns, such as 

  • Difficulties with breathing by opening the nasal passages
  • Defects from birth
  • Damage to the nose caused by conditions such as cancer or infections
  • Injuries or traumas to the nose
  • Correcting a deviated septum (the gap between the bone and cartilage of your nose).


Other patients may want to address cosmetic concerns with nose jobs, including

  • Making the nose more symmetrical (even though perfect symmetry is not always recommended, some patients want to improve their line of symmetry)
  • Correcting a crooked nose
  • Changing the size of the nose by making it smaller or larger
  • Reducing the size of the nostrils
  • Smoothing out humps or bumps or straightening the bridge of the nose


Is Rhinoplasty The Right Procedure For You?

When a nose job is recommended for medical reasons, it is always best to follow the advice of your surgeon or medical practitioner. If you are considering rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic reasons, it is important that you ask all the right questions before you move forward with a procedure.

risks complications what is rhinoplasty sydneySome really important points to consider include

  • If you are having a cosmetic nose job, Medicare and private health insurance will not cover the cost of your procedure and you will need to pay for it directly
  • If you are experiencing depression or have body dysmorphia you should seek counselling support, ideally before moving ahead with surgery, as this could change your self-perception and motivation for having a nose job
  • In the event that you are under the age of 18, your doctor will refer you to a psychologist for an assessment. You might need to wait for a three month period before your surgery as well, to ensure you are doing it for the right reasons.

Remember, your facial bones do need to have stopped growing before you can have surgery performed on your nose. For girls this generally happens around the age of 16, and for boys, it is usually around the age of 17.

It’s also best to be a non-smoker or to quit smoking, as smoking can interfere with your body’s ability to heal itself and increases your risk of developing an infection. 

If you are someone who …

  • Cannot tolerate anaesthetic
  • Experiences problems with blood clotting or bleeding
  • May experience surgical complications

… then it is quite likely your surgeon or doctor will advise you against having a nose job.


What Are The Risks And Complications Associated With Nose Jobs?

Remember that it can take up to 12 months after your surgery before you really settle into your new nose, and all swelling disappears. This may sound like a long time, and it does differ between patients and the extent of work they have had done, but your nose is a prominent feature on your face so it is important that you remain patient and have faith in your ability to heal.

Each patient has their own risk factors, and it’s very important to discuss these in detail with your cosmetic surgeon prior to any work being done. Some of the more common potential side effects and complications include

  • An infection at the site. This may require antibiotic treatment and/or additional surgery to address
  • Nose bleeding
  • The formation of thick scar tissue
  • Persistent or severe pain
  • Numbness or loss of sensation in or around your nose
  • Problems breathing because your nasal passages have constricted
  • An impairment to your sense of smell
  • Temporary numbness around the upper front teeth


What Can You Do To Encourage A Smooth Procedure?

Some aspects of a successful procedure are within your control and there are a number of measures you can take to ensure that your rhinoplasty procedure goes ahead smoothly.

Working with an experienced, reputable and certified surgeon is essential. Rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure that requires a great deal of skill to be done well so do your research and get recommendations and referrals. Interview a number of potential candidates before you choose a professional to work with.

Make sure you give your cosmetic surgeon your full medical history beforehand. Mention any medications you may be taking so that the appropriate advice can be given. Your surgeon may request some additional tests to be done to assess your state of health before you are operated on.

Do your best to stay fit and healthy prior to and after your procedure. This speeds up your recovery process. Don’t smoke, or quit at least two weeks before having rhinoplasty. This is really important for the healing process.

Follow all care instructions given to you by your medical team after rhinoplasty surgery. Get the appropriate rest and make sure you take care of yourself. You may be given medication to avoid infection and will be given hygiene instructions to keep the site clean.

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