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Rhinoplasty Recovery – Preparation For Nose Job Recovery

cosmetic surgery – or surgery of any kind – can be a physically demanding experience. Thankfully, with excellent surgeons and a high-end, caring facility, the entire experience can be exciting, comfortable, and rewarding. For many patients, however, the struggle begins once they leave their surgeon’s care and head home for the post-op recovery period. For many, finding helpful tips to help speed up the healing process, makes the entire experience more relaxing, and reduces any complications after surgery.

Facial cosmetic surgery, like rhinoplasty, can be a little difficult to get accustomed to immediately after, particularly because you will likely have bandages or a splint in place. For nose job recovery, for example, patients will be advised to wear something that will help aid the healing process and assist with drainage in the first few days. Don’t worry – you can discuss all the details before and after your nose job with your surgeon!

Ultimately, how you approach the entire experience from your very first consultation and how willing you are to take the necessary precautions and potential lifestyle changes will help determine how smoothly your recovery will go.


The Initial Consultation

A rhinoplasty procedure is a nasal surgery that can be used to correct both aesthetic and functional issues in the nose. Typically, a nose job is performed on patients who wish to alter, correct or enhance the overall shape or size of this facial feature. To learn if this approach is best for you, you should first sit down with an expert for a consultation. At some facilities, like Refine Clinic, this is a complimentary appointment with an expert consultant that works closely with the surgeons.

During your consultation, you’ll be able to discuss any questions, and the consultant will perform an assessment of the target area that will help your surgeon better understand how to best approach your aesthetic goals. You can also discuss what is typical for a nose job recovery and whether or not you’ll have to make any changes to move forward with the procedure. This could include quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, or ceasing certain medications.


Your Unique Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a delicate procedure that should be uniquely sculpted around the patient’s unique needs and facial structure. In most cases, rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure, so you’ll be free to return home after the procedure. During the surgery, you’ll be administered either local or general anaesthesia and the surgeon will likely take either an open or closed approach with the incision, depending on the extent of correction and desired results. A closed rhinoplasty allows the doctors to perform the surgery through a small incision within the nostrils, while an open rhinoplasty typically requires a few small incisions around the base, as well.

During a nose job, the surgeon will carefully rearrange any cartilage, nasal tissue and inner bone to achieve a more harmonious appearance. An experienced ENT or Facial cosmetic Surgeon can help ensure the procedure goes smoothly and there is minimal scarring.


nose job recovery bondi junctionRecovery After Rhinoplasty

While every patient’s healing process differs slightly, most patients will experience a similar timeline during their nose job recovery. In most cases, the final results will be revealed after 12 months, with most of the swelling and redness dissipating within the first six months. While the amount of time you take off is up to you, many doctors recommend resting for up to two weeks before returning to work.


The first few days

After your surgery, you’ll likely have to wear a nasal splint. You’ll experience swelling, bruising, and some discomfort. This is often the most painful part of your recovery after a nose job. Thankfully, your doctor can offer some tips to help and prescribe medications that can help. It’s advised to sleep upright.


The first few weeks

One of the biggest concerns many patients have during their nose job recovery is the congestion, whether from the packing material or inflammation. Some patients experience difficulty breathing through their mouth and may have dry mouth or throat as a result. Consider investing in some humidifiers and keeping water handy during this time.

After two to three weeks, the packing materials will have been removed, as well as the splint, and most patients see a visible improvement in any residual swelling or bruising. Typically, you’ll be able to start seeing the changes in your nose at this time.


The first few months

This is where the final real recovery occurs, as you’ll start to see the final shape fully revealed as the swelling should be minimal, any scarring should start to fade and discolouration should be gone. You may still feel a bit of numbness at the tip, but this should return over time.


Ready to Schedule a Consultation?

For many patients, the recovery period is well worth the beautiful results and the boosted self-confidence with their new appearance. It’s recommended to have someone around the house to help you with certain tasks during the first few weeks of the healing process, and most patients will be advised to avoid exercise and other strenuous activity. At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, our experienced Consultant is always available to answer any questions from patients and discuss any step of recovery after a nose job in Sydney. Call us today at (02) 8599 7161 to schedule your complimentary rhinoplasty consultation!

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