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Is Otoplasty Worth It? Benefits & the Risks of the Surgery

If the size or position of your ears is affecting your self-confidence, you may benefit from ear surgery or otoplasty. This surgical procedure is carried out to reduce the size of your ears, or to move them closer to the side of your head. Otoplasty surgery has a high success rate and is commonly performed. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this procedure, to help you decide ‘is otoplasty worth it’.


Why Is Otoplasty Surgery Done?

During ear correction surgery the cartilage of the ears is reshaped so that the ears lie closer to the sides of your head. It is optimal to have ear surgery done between the ages of 4 and 14 because this is when the cartilage is softest and easier to reshape. Even so, it is possible to have ear surgery at any time of your life.

Sometimes otoplasty is done to smooth out or reduce the size of the earlobes. Thanks to advances in today’s technologies, cosmetic surgeons can also reconstruct new ears for patients who may have been born without them, or for people who have lost their ears through traumatic injury.

Some of the more common issues that ear correction surgery can assist with include

Cupped ears: if you have very small ears

Lop ears: when the tip of the ear is folded down

Shell ears: if the curve in the outer rim or the natural creases and folds of the ear are missing, they can be surgically included



Is Otoplasty Worth It: What Are The Benefits Of Ear Surgery? 


Changing The Appearance Of The Ear

The way the ear looks is the biggest reason that patients contact our practice for ear correction surgery. For the majority of people, the ears are positioned at between 25 degrees and 35 degrees from the side of the head.

Young children whose ears were prominent might have been victims of schoolyard teasing and bullying. Other children may have felt very critical when seeing photos of themselves, owing to the size or position of their ears.

By having ear surgery performed by an experienced and registered cosmetic surgeon, you will be able to address the aesthetic concerns that are bothering you.


Improve Your Self Confidence

The emotional and psychological effects of teasing are very real, and children can be unkind to one another as they grow up. Addressing the physical imperfections of your ear size and shape can help to restore self-confidence so that you don’t take the insecurities into adulthood.


Ear Surgery Is Permanent

The results of otoplasty surgery are permanent and almost immediately noticeable. While it will take a few months for full recovery to take place, most surgeries are successful. 

Otoplasty surgery is generally carried out as an outpatient procedure, under local or general anaesthetic. 


Is Otoplasty Worth It: What Are The Risks?

Just like all surgeries, ear correction surgery carries some risks, which need to be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon prior to surgery. There are general risks to be aware of, such as anaesthetic, bleeding and infection, as well as risks that are specific to your risk profile.



Because it is a surgical intervention, scars will form. A skilled cosmetic surgeon makes very small incisions and conceals them carefully within the natural creases of your ears.


Changes In Your Skin Sensations

Sometimes, skin sensations are temporarily affected after otoplasty.


Asymmetrical Ear Placement

In some cases, surgery does not correct asymmetrical ear position. Sometimes, due to changes that occur during healing, the final position may not be symmetrical. 



Sometimes otoplasty can cause contours that make the ears look as though they are pinned back. 


Is Otoplasty Worth The Downtime?

Recovery from otoplasty is quite quick and most patients can return to their day-to-day activities quite soon after their procedure. You will need to wear a bandage around your head for a few days. After the headband is taken off you will wear a headband while the wounds are healing.

You can expect to avoid vigorous exercise for a few weeks post-surgery, as well as bending down to pick things up from the floor.


Important things to take note of

If you are considering otoplasty, here are a few other thoughts to keep in mind.

  • If only one ear protrudes, you will most likely have surgery on both ears to achieve better balance. 
  • Consider the cost. It is possible that Medicare or your private health insurance could cover the cost of otoplasty, but you will need to cover some out of pocket costs too. 
  • Perfect symmetry is not necessarily going to be achieved in your surgery. Just like natural ears are not perfectly symmetrical, some variation may take place but a skilled surgeon will always aim to minimise asymmetry to provide you with the best possible result.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a second opinion. Ear correction surgery is something that you only want to do once, so make sure you do it right. Working with an experienced surgeon can reduce your need for revisional surgery.
  • Quit smoking well in advance of your surgery. It can interfere with the healing process significantly and slows recovery down.
  • Make sure you are in good physical condition before your surgery. Eat healthy food and make sure you are getting the recommended amount of daily exercise. This contributes to a speedy recovery.


If you want to discuss ‘is otoplasty worth it’ in more detail please contact us for an appointment: (02) 8599 7161.

How Long Does Otoplasty Take? Find Out More About Otoplasty Treatment
how long does otoplasty take bondi junction

Also known as ear correction surgery, otoplasty is the process of reshaping or adjusting the position of the ears. An Read more

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how long does otoplasty take bondi junction

How Long Does Otoplasty Take? Find Out More About Otoplasty Treatment

Also known as ear correction surgery, otoplasty is the process of reshaping or adjusting the position of the ears. An otoplasty procedure is usually carried out between the ages of four and 14, however, it can also be done if you are an adult. It’s important to note that all surgeries are different and can be tailored to your unique needs. In this post, we will try to answer the question ‘how long does otoplasty surgery take’ so you know what to expect from your otoplasty procedure.


What Is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is ear surgery that is performed to change the shape or alter the position of the ear. This also includes surgeries on the cartilage and ear lobes. Sometimes babies are born without ears or lose them through injuries later in life. Otoplasty can reconstruct and build ears for patients.

Other common reasons for ear surgery include

  • Small or cupped ears
  • Correcting a downward or forward folding ear tip, known as lop ear
  • Adding curves and natural-looking folds and creases to ears that do not have them, known as shell ear

Ear surgery is frequently performed to pin back ears that protrude. While this is an effective way of moving the ears closer to the head, it’s important to note that they may still move slightly over time. 


How Long Does Otoplasty Surgery Take?

The length of time your procedure will take will depend on its complexity and the amount of work to be done. Sometimes more than one procedure will be performed, and this will be reflected in its duration. On average you can expect to be operated on for between one and three hours, but your surgeon will confirm this closer to the time.

The surgery can be done under local or general anaesthetic, and again this will be determined by the complexity of the procedure and the age of the patient. Often children will be put under general anaesthetic but teenagers and adults may have local anaesthetic. 


What To Expect During Ear Surgery?

procedure how long does otoplasty take bondi junctionMost of the surgery is performed behind your ears and the incisions are small so scarring is generally not a concern.

Once the incisions have been made your surgeon will do the necessary pinning or cartilage reshaping. Once this has been done the incisions are closed up with stitches.


What To Expect After Ear Surgery?

It is important that you keep the wound clean and dry, and follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions carefully. 

You can expect some swelling and a little bleeding from the wounds in the first few days. It’s also normal for the wounds to feel a bit itchy as they heal. Try not to touch or scratch your ears during this time.

You will probably be given a headband to wear around your head for two weeks. It’s important that you do this as instructed

When lying down make sure you elevate your head so that blood does not pool and place pressure on the wounds.

Make sure you have easy to wear clothing that fits comfortably around your head so you do not bump your ears when dressing and undressing.

It’s probably best to sleep on your back too, so your ears do not come into contact with your pillow.

You will also probably skip washing your hair for a few days so that the shampoo does not irritate your wounds as they heal.

It will also be recommended that you abstain from strenuous exercise for a week or two while you recover. You will discuss this in more detail with your surgeon, as it will be dependent on the procedures you have had done.

You can expect to resume your usual day to day activities like work and school a few days after your surgery, with a few restrictions.

Numbness and tightness around the site could be present for up to a month after your surgery but it should improve thereafter. 


What Are The Risks And Complications Of Ear Surgery?

Otoplasty surgery risks are rare but complications can occur and your risks should be discussed with your surgeon. The most common concern that patients have is the ears returning to their position, however, this is only likely to occur if the sutures break. Should this occur, you should contact your surgeon immediately.

Managing your surgical risks also includes ensuring you work with an experienced and skilled surgeon who has had success with otoplasty procedures in the past. Ask to see before and after photographs and try not to make a decision based on cost alone. The skill and quality of the work are more important.

It will take a few days before you can return to work or go back to school and you should heal quickly with each passing week. After a month, your wound should be almost completely healed and you will be able to resume exercise if you have followed your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions.



If you want to know more about how long does otoplasty take or how to prepare for your procedure, please contact us: (02) 8599 7161.

Is Otoplasty Worth It? Benefits & the Risks of the Surgery
is otoplasty worth it sydney

If the size or position of your ears is affecting your self-confidence, you may benefit from ear surgery or otoplasty. Read more

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