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How to Get Rid of Tummy Fat – 4 Tips To Prepare For The Procedure

Throughout our lives, our bodies experience many different changes. Some of these transformations may even impact your appearance and affect what you see when you look in the mirror.

In some cases, these changes are inevitable, such as with pregnancy and natural shifts that come with gravity and age. Other transformations, such as major weight gain or loss, can impact the skin or muscles in the abdomen, for example. Unfortunately, for many adults, this can also result in stubborn, excess fat that develops around the midsection or tummy. It’s not uncommon for men and women to struggle with this, and it can even affect your self-esteem or confidence!

Thankfully, there are tools that you can use to learn how to get rid of your tummy fat. A tummy tuck, for example, is a great way to achieve a flatter, smoother stomach. This popular cosmetic surgery procedure can reinforce loose muscles or trim away excess skin. When performed by an experienced, accredited and reliable cosmetic surgeon, a tummy tuck can be an excellent solution for patients struggling with stubborn belly fat.


Tips for How to Get Rid of Tummy Fat

For many patients, excess fat around the tummy or midsection can be an aesthetic concern. Since the abdomen is notoriously one of the hardest areas to shed stubborn, excess skin and fat, many patients struggle to find the best approach to effectively reducing tummy fat.

If abdominoplasty isn’t an option for you – whether you’d like to wait longer down the line or simply wish to avoid cosmetic surgery – there are other options to consider that can help to get rid of tummy fat.

Some patients may even follow some of these tips to help prepare for a tummy tuck procedure down the line.


1. Avoid Unnecessary Sugar in Foods and Drinks

According to experts, sugar might be directly related to the stomach fat that you are struggling to reduce. Excessive consumption of sugar, most notably in soft drinks and sweet treats, may lead to increased fat accumulation, particularly in the belly and liver. It’s recommended to watch your diet and eating habits to help reduce your sugar intake. As a result, you may see a decrease in belly fat.


2. Cut Back on Carbs

tummy tuck how to get rid of tummy fat bondi junction

If you are struggling to see a decrease in fat that has accumulated around the stomach, you may consider cutting out (or significantly reducing) carbs from your diet. When patients ask how to get rid of tummy fat, one of the first answers that they might receive will include “watching what they eat.” While diet may not always work for some patients, carb restriction has shown to have great benefits and results among patients who are looking to reduce their appetite and lose fat in their midsection.


3. Get More Sleep

Doesn’t everyone wish they could get more sleep every morning? Well, if you’re trying to lose visceral fat, you might want to try and hit the snooze button more often! According to the Sleep Health Foundation, one in every three Australians struggles with getting a good night’s sleep. For some, this could affect their ability to lose stubborn belly fat! Consider readjusting your schedule to allow you more time for rest. There are plenty of other health benefits associated with a good night’s sleep, too!


4. De-Stress Yourself

Did you know that being stressed out or overworked can actually be impairing your ability to lose weight? Experiencing stress and anxiety can cause our bodies to produce an influx of cortisone, stimulated by the body’s adrenal glands. Cortisone is known to increase the accumulation of belly fat, which can be increased in women who already have naturally large waists. Stress can also lead to unhealthy habits, like excessive alcohol consumption or overeating, which are also known factors of increasing stubborn fat in the abdomen.


It Might Be Time to Try a Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, is a popular procedure among men and women in Australia. If you’ve been carrying around excessive fat or skin around your midsection, you might benefit from this cosmetic procedure. Patients who struggle with how to get rid of tummy fat often consider abdominoplasty because it can offer a permanent solution. It is important to remember that the procedure may not be for everyone, and is recommended to patients who live a healthy, active lifestyle and are already at a steady weight.

This procedure is also a great option for patients who have experienced significant weight loss or changes in the abdomen that may have led to an increase in loose skin or muscles. In addition to reducing stubborn belly fat, the abdominoplasty procedure can trim away excess skin and tighten muscles in the stomach. Want to learn if you are a candidate for a tummy tuck?

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Liposuction In Thailand – Understand The Possible Risks

cosmetic surgery is an excellent solution for patients who are struggling to improve their appearance and want to turn to more long-term solutions. For some, diet and exercise can help over time, but it can be difficult to target excess, unwanted fat in stubborn areas, such as the flanks or the arms. Liposuction is an incredibly popular body contouring procedure among men and women alike, because it helps to reshape the body to achieve a more flattering figure.

In Australia, liposuction can be performed safely by licensed expert surgeons who follow TGA standards and meet medical requirements. Unfortunately, however, many uninformed patients opt to travel outside of the AU to explore cosmetic surgery options in other countries. This can be very dangerous, as it could expose patients to an unregulated facility or subpar medical attention. Liposuction in Thailand, for example, is a popular “alternative” that could put patients at risk of side-effects, financial burden and more.

The practice of travelling outside of Australia to undergo surgery such as liposuction is known as medical tourism, and can be an excellent option for residents of countries with less stringent medicinal practices. For some people, travelling can help provide them with access to medical tools that they may not have in their home country. However, for Australians, travelling outside of the country for medical procedures such as cosmetic or cosmetic surgery can pose a big risk. It is recommended to find a reliable surgeon locally, such as nearby in Sydney, instead of flying overseas for liposuction.


Choosing a Reliable Surgeon

For many patients, finding a surgeon locally can be overwhelming. Searching online or communicating via phone or email can make some patients feel more comfortable, which can be why they turn to liposuction in Thailand. Unfortunately, it leaves them vulnerable to shady practices or manipulation techniques. A surgeon, especially one overseas, may promise a certain price or provide false promises about the facilities. Since they are far away, it can be almost impossible to verify the legitimacy of their claims. Many unsuspecting patients have fallen prey to con artists or unlicensed professionals who take advantage of foreign patients seeking liposuction in Thailand.

liposuction in thailand procedure liposuction thailand bondi junctionChoosing the right doctor is important, as it can reduce your risk of side effects and help ensure your procedure goes smoothly. Liposuction is such a popular procedure; many patients hope to find someone who can promise a fast recovery so they can return to their daily activities faster. Unfortunately, some illegitimate doctors will tell you what you want to hear to ensure your business. Instead of travelling to Thailand for liposuction, we recommend finding a local facility that will let you come in for a consultation to help you feel more comfortable and allow you to check out the premises for yourself.

Here, you can ask questions about your surgeon’s education, training and liposuction success rate.

At Refine Clinic, our liposuction procedures are administered by our head surgeon, Dr Ron Paul Bezic. Dr Bezic has extensive experience in the field of body contouring surgery, with a special focus on VASER Liposuction. Thailand and other countries may not offer the same level of training and access to the same treatments and state-of-the-art tools that Australian facilities might, for example.

During the initial consultation with our very experienced Consultant –which we offer for free at our facility– you will be able to discuss your aesthetic goals and what you hope to gain from liposuction. If you have been considering liposuction in Thailand, our expert Consultant can help you weigh the pros and cons and offer knowledgeable advice to help you decide.


Finding Affordable Options

Cost is often a big factor when considering liposuction. Thailand, and similar countries, often offer lower costs on procedures like cosmetic surgery, which is why many patients consider the option. The cost of cosmetic surgery, however, is often much cheaper than the cost of caring for an infection or other medical costs – especially since it will generally take place back in Australia.

Unfortunately, as many patients find, the cost of getting liposuction in Thailand is typically higher than anticipated. Travel costs, such as accommodations, transportation, food and any additional costs (not including the surgery itself) can often end up costing double what a liposuction procedure right here in Sydney might.

At Refine Clinic, we offer payment plans and financing options to help patients with every budget improve their appearance and their spirits. In Thailand, liposuction can lead to a risk of infection or problems with healing – which can be troublesome when a patient has returned to their home country. Staying local can help ensure your surgeon is nearby in the event of any complications. Before pulling the trigger and flying to Thailand for liposuction, consider finding a reliable surgeon nearby in Australia.


Refine Clinic is located in Bondi Junction and works closely with patients to help them weigh the risks of liposuction in Thailand. Call us today (02) 8599 7161 to schedule a free initial consultation with our experienced Consultant!

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