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Regain your confidence and feel like a yummy Mummy once again

Has your body changed after childbirth? We see many women who love being mums, but are keen to restore their bodies through a ‘mummy makeover’. Motherhood is undeniably one of life’s most rewarding experiences’ however it can take a toll on the body with many new mothers experiencing loose skin, Diatasis Recti (abdominal muscle separation), stubborn fat deposits as well as sagging and deflated breast tissue. Mummy makeovers are generally known as a combination of breast surgery and a tummy tuck and are fast becoming the go to choice for a high percentage of women post pregnancy.


Mummy makeovers aren’t purely cosmetic as most women view them as corrective procedures. They aren’t trying to look better than they’ve ever looked before, they just want to go back to how they looked before pregnancy, restoring their bodies to what they had.  For example breast reduction, breast lifts and breast augmentations are popular choices for new mums.  The degree of change women experience in their breast tissue can depend on whether they have breastfed, and the duration of their breastfeeding. The longer a woman has chosen to breastfeed, the more dramatic the changes in the appearance of her breasts. For women who have experienced descending breast tissue and some volume loss, a breast lift may be combined with a breast augmentation. If there are no changes in volume, a breast lift may be sufficient.


Another area most affected by pregnancy is the abdominal area. As the uterus expands during pregnancy, pressure is placed on the abdominal wall causes both the muscles and skin to expand resulting in laxity. These excess folds of skin can be unresponsive to diet and exercise. Abdominoplasty or a ‘tummy tuck’ allows the doctor to completely remodel the patients’ core and waistline through repair of the muscle separation and the removal of excess skin and fat. This procedure can also be combined with liposuction to achieve optimal results.


Liposuction is also popular for new mums in common problem areas that become more prominent post-pregnancy such as love handles, inner and outer thighs.





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All You Need To Know About Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

It is a serious decision to undergo any surgical procedure, however, with lots of information and the correct surgeon the results can be life changing. One of the most popular procedures for women of all ages is breast augmentation. Many factors such as pregnancy, weight changes, age and appearance may cause women to become dissatisfied with their breasts and in these cases breast augmentation may be appropriate. With enhancements in technology and many options available, gone are the days of hard and over the top looking fake breasts. Many women desire fuller, more symmetrical or shapely breasts; this can be easily achieved with a breast augmentation.

At Refine Clinic we offer the German brand of Polytech implants. The density of their shell and non-liquid silicone gel make the shape and feel of the implants very natural. The non-liquid gel used inside the implant makes them a safer and longer lasting option, compared to what used to be on the market years ago.  Although very rare, if the implant were to rupture there is no risk of fluid leakage into the body and the implant would maintain its shape and appearance until it can be removed. The exterior of the implant is somewhat textured by the covering of P-URE foam and is often known as the “furry” implant. This P-URE foam outer shell is known to radically reduce the risk of capsular contracture due to the idea that the foam becomes somewhat combined into the natural capsule created by the body. This environment prevents the hardening and tightening of scar tissue around the implant which can occur when the body recognises the implant as a foreign object. P-URE foam implants are also known to reduce the risk of implant displacement and rotation by creating a velcro like effect, which better supports and stabilises the implant

During your consultation the surgeon will explain the treatment in full and provide options of size, shape and surgical dates which will best suit you. The surgeon will discuss the options for placement of the implant, whether under or over the muscle. Most commonly the incision will be made under the breast, making the scar almost completely invisible.

The results after surgery are instant and recovery time may be up to 6 weeks. The pain level is mild and manageable with small doses of medication prescribed to you by your surgeon.

If you are interested in finding out more about breast augmentations we offer complimentary consultations with our practice manager Manuela- please call 8599 7161 to book.

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