What Happens If I Put On Weight After Liposuction?

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure and fast way to lose fat from unwanted areas of your body, but what happens if you put on weight after the surgery and
how can you avoid this disaster. There’s a debate raging in the world of liposuction: If you gain weight after the procedure, does the new weight go back to the operated area or throughout the body?

After Surgery

The first thing a patient is likely to do after surgery is to weigh themselves, and weigh themselves a lot over the next few weeks. It must be remembered that although you have had a lot of fat taken from your body, it has been damaged by the surgery itself. Swelling occurs, which mainly consists of water which will last for a week or so.

Putting the Weight Back On

To a certain degree some form of weight will be put on after liposuction, this is normal and doesn’t need to be stressed over. In the case of around 6kgs or more it’s a different matter. The weight put on will tend to go to neighboring areas such as the arms, legs or breasts, it doesn’t return to the liposuction putting on weight after liposuctionarea. This is due to after adolescence, you cease to produce new fat cells, after your teen years, the number of fat cells you have stay the same. They way you gain weight after these years is your remaining fat cells expand, filling up; liposuction removes these fat cells. Gaining a moderate amount of weight shouldn’t be too problematic but extreme weight gain can and should be monitored, as the weight will be distributed unevenly around your body.

Avoid Weight Gain After Liposuction

putting on weight after liposuctionChances are the first thing a person will feel is an inflated sense of confidence from their new body. They may relax and lapse back into their old eating habits, and because weight
doesn’t instantly appear in problem areas, they will gain weight before they notice it.

Liposuction isn’t a long-term weight loss method but a step in the process. Keeping the weight off requires commitment, fitness and nutrition. The aim of liposuction is to help someone who is unable to rid a body part of fat in a particular area.

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