Vaginal Rejuvenation: A better sex life?

Vaginal rejuvenation, also referred to as vagioplasty, can spice up your sex life and increase confidence both physically and mentally. Vagina rejuvenation is a generic term used to describe any kind of modification that changes the size or appearance of the vagina and vulva. In most cases, the procedure involves a simple excision of the excess tissue using a surgical knife and because of this, vaginal surgery usually causes very little pain and recovery time is short. The internal muscles can be tightened, and the outer labia reshaped. For women who are embarrassed or uncomfortable with their labia minora (the inner lips of the vagina) this procedure really is a life changer.

Why should I have vaginal rejuvenation surgery?

Many women consider tightening just to increase satisfaction and report feeling ‘normal’ again after they’ve recovered from the procedure. They are able to get on with their lives and renew their sexuality. You will be able to finally proudly show off your vagina to a new partner without embarrassment or fear. Mind blowing orgasms and the younger fresher vagina you once had. What’s not to like?

What causes the need for surgery?

Every woman’s body goes through a number of changes throughout her life. And as we age, our bodies change shape and form. Vaginal relaxation is a condition affected by factors such as childbirth, hormonal issues, weight gain and ageing. This can decrease confidence dramatically both in the bedroom and out. However, thanks to medical breakthroughs such as vaginal rejuvenation surgery, we can tighten the inner and outer layers and structures of the vagina enhancing muscle tone, strength and control.

Many of our patients describe this a life-changing procedure. As one of our patients put it:  “I feel normal again. After having 3 children I had serious incontinence problems and my vagina never felt the same. Sex was unsatisfying and I could barely feel anything. This has changed my life and I feel like me again.”

What will you notice after you’ve had it?

Vaginal surgery seeks to address sexual function and cosmetic issues. Many women feel too loose and stretched out and can barely feel their partners inside them. Many more have trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse, not being able to experience enough friction or sensation. Pelvic relaxation (urinary incontinence) can be an embarrassing problem but this procedure will ensure you are no longer leaking when you cough or sneeze. As for sex? You will feel it more! If you have had problems with the way your lady parts look, you will be able to finally have your guy spend time downstairs without having to feel awkward about what he thinks about your appearance. You can sigh a breath of relief!

The result? You will feel sexier and much more in control of your body. Contact Refine Clinic to set up a consultation for vaginal rejuvenation. 

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