The Danger of Following Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has its place in society. It benefits many, either to provide aesthetic respite for those who suffer some form of defect or deformity from birth or through accident; and it provides a luxury to some wishing to improve their appearance to one that is more personally fulfilling. Many operations provide only subtle changes that can make a big difference to the individual in their everyday life; others are massive ordeals that can restore a person’s place in society.

As a conscientious cosmetic surgery provider, Refine Clinic always discuss the reasons for having a particular course of surgery, and often recommend consultation with an MD or other medical professional just so the client knows what to expect in both the surgery and recovery.

When the system works, it works well. However, an alarming amount of cosmetic trends appear to be on the rise worldwide that seemingly attempt to fuse both the need to correct a natural defect and also to improve aesthetic cosmetic appearance. In the ’60s, everyone wanted new breasts, and then came the nose job, the tummy tuck, calf implants, etc. Much of this over-popularity is exacerbated by the media and ill-informed popular opinion; nonetheless, there are people who get cosmetic surgery just because all their friends are doing it.

In South Korea, there is a current trend for women to appear more like the visage of European women, hoping for a love-heart shaped face with less Asian features. This is considered to be a more appealing look towards prospective partners of both sexes. With one in four South Korean women having some form of surgery done, this trend could quickly slip out of control and ruin the natural beauty of many women.

In the United States and parts of South America, the trend in buttock augmentation, or ‘butt implants’, has been very controversial. Many women make the crucial mistake of choosing a process that is less expensive, such as silicone injections, to attain a perkier or down-right bigger behind. This can cause all manner of complications at any time within five to ten year after the surgery. Anyone interested in this course of surgery should seek consultation with medical and cosmetic surgery professionals, and ensure they visit a trained and vetted surgeon to perform the procedure.

At Refine Clinic, we often have women and men seeking a new look, hoping it will yield a new lease on life – and they are well within their rights to seek out a chance through cosmetic surgery. We often advise people that their appearance seems beautiful, and that perhaps no or less work is needed. It is important to always get surgery for the right reasons without succumbing to fashion trends or media hype, and with the knowledge that many people are fine just the way they are.

Are you considering a cosmetic procedure? Contact us for a free private consultation to discuss whether this is the right option for you.

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