Summer Skin Savers

The summer weather is certainly upon us and that’s so exciting, however one thing that we can’t forget about during this blissful time is our skin. When the weather gets warmer and our days get longer we all tend to be a little more relaxed with our lifestyle, but keeping your skin protected and well maintained is still vital.

If you love to enjoy the blissful summer warmth then here are a few tips to keep your skin safe.

SPF: Sun screen is vital to protect your skin from burning, premature ageing, sun spots and other damage. While it is important to wear an SPF all year round, the summer time is when we need to really amp it up. Wearing a beauty balm or primer with SPF in it will help to protect your face, but don’t forget to cover your body too!

Hydration:  It may sound standard, but it’s surprising how many people forget. Staying hydrated is so important for your skins maintenance, as well as general health. When the weather gets warmer and we are busier we often don’t drink as much water as we should. Carrying around a 1.5ml bottle of water and trying to get through it during the day is a great way to keep your hydration levels in check. If it’s with you all day you are more likely to drink more.

Exfoliate: Our skin can get dry during the summer with all the swimming, fake tanning and other activities we undergo. Exfoliating the skin will ensure a smoother and more even complexion. Additionally it will help to rid the skin of any excess dead skin cells and give a beautiful and healthy glow. We recommend the ZO Offects Exfoliating Polish- available within our Bondi Junction clinic.

Eat Clean:  Eating clean and healthy foods is important in the summer to maintain your health from the inside out. Fruits such Grapefruits have some great benefits which are perfect for inner well-being.  Grapefruits in particular are high in antioxidants, rich in vitamin C, reduce inflammation in the body, boost our immune systems and can even aid in weight loss.




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