Rise of Cosmetic Surgery in the Younger Generation

In recent years, cosmetic surgery has been on the rise within Australia according to the Australian Society of cosmetic Surgeons. A recent poll has seen Australia spend more on Cosmetic Surgeries per 10,000 people than America. Another figure to come out of these studies is the increase of younger clients, 30 and under, to go under the knife, driving the demand for procedures such as breast augmentation, Rhinoplasty, nose jobs in women and breast reduction in men. So what is causing this increase?

It seems social media is having more of an impact on the younger generation then decreasing work productivity and procrastination. “Selfies” is the new trend for social media, with even Ellen Degeneres getting in on it; just see the infamous Oscar Seflie. The idea of taking the perfect photo for your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account seems to be a driving force for many to turn to cosmetic surgery for that perfect smile, wrinkle free face or bigger chest in many young individuals. This age group is seemingly becoming increasing aware of their own flaws and ageing process, leading them to investigate their options and what’s available. The younger generations are continually judged on their photos on the amount of “likes and comments” they generate from each one. This can cause their self-esteem to lower to a point where they feel the need to improve themselves.

Advances in medicine and procedures seem to play an important role too. With procedures becoming less invasive and safer with more natural appearing results with quicker healing timeframes, it seems the appeal to cosmetic surgery is increasing in the younger generations. Younger generations are seeing the benefits outweigh the risks involved with each procedure.

2011-cosmetic-surgeryYounger adults must be evaluated before each procedure and determine the reason and benefit of such procedure thus ensuring patient satisfaction and avoiding ethical dilemmas.

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