IPL Hair and Pigmentation Removal

Unwanted hair can be an embarrassing bodily issue that affects self-esteem and confidence, and with plucking, shaving, waxing and depilatory creams only providing temporary relief, many people are considering IPL for permanent hair removal. At Refine cosmetic clinic Sydney, we offer this technically advanced treatment.

As a non-invasive procedure, IPL (intense pulsed light) uses laser technology to decrease excess hair by targeting the melanin in hair follicles. The darker the hair, the more melanin it contains and the more melanin it contains, the more effective the treatment, making the ideal candidate someone with light skin and dark hair. IPL can also be used to treat age spots, mottled pigmentation, broken capillaries, sun-induced freckles, pikiloderma, collagen stimulation and benign brown pigment, making it a less invasive procedure for gaining youthful skin rather than a chemical peel.

 The procedure

Before the treatment your skin will be assessed using the Fitzpatrick skin type scale to define your reaction to IPL and to determine the strength of the light beam to be used. A light gel will be applied to the area and protective goggles will be issued to guard your eyes from the harsh light.  Then the handheld IPL machine will administer short pulses of light, aiming for numerous hairs simultaneously. Sensitivity is dependent on the area being treated; the majority of people feel a slight tingling combined with a light sting, but as treatments are relatively quick, ranging from 5 minutes to one hour, this momentary discomfort is entirely bearable.

 The recovery

After the process has been completed, the gel is removed and the area is cooled to reduce redness, generally it is recommended that you apply an aloe vera lotion to aid healing and tenderness. Post treatment, the area is likely to be red and this discolouration can last up to 48 hours; to prevent blistering it is essential that you apply factor 30+ sunscreen. Over the next few weeks you will notice hair falling out and after 4-6 sessions hair should stop growing back altogether.


Generally, other than discolouration, there are very little potential complications. If you fail to apply the sunscreen you can expect unsightly blisters to form, but with no damage to the pores, IPL is recognised as a very safe treatment. There are many cosmetic surgery’s in Sydney that offer the same treatment, however their machine’s are not medical grade and their staff do not have medical training so the risks are much higher for the patient.