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Inverted Nipple Surgery Information

Areola’s come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Occasionally areola’s change shape or are poorly formed from birth. Nipple repair surgery is designed to change the shape of nipples to a more cosmetically appealing shape.

In many cases, inverted nipples are congenital – some people are born with the defect. There are also several ways nipples can become inverted, breastfeeding is a common cause. Sometimes during breastfeeding scar tissue builds in the milk ducts.

There are three main causes for nipples to become inverted throughout a life: lack of skin at the base of the nipple, constricting of milk ducts, or scarring of milk ducts while breastfeeding.

Nipple repair is a separate procedure to breast augmentation but it is often performed at the same time. If there is any danger that the blood supply to the nipple or areola may be compromised, then the surgery should be performed at a separate date.

The procedure

Nipple repair surgery can be conducted under local anaesthesia as an outpatient, but it depends on the individual and what the procedure involves. During the procedure, a small incision is made at the base of the nipple while the nipple is in a projected state. The nipple is gently pulled outwardly until it is in place.

The surgeon then puts a few stitches around the nipple to hold the new shape. The nipple is cleansed and bandaged to keep it in place during recovery.


If blood supply to the soft tissues in and around the nipple area becomes compromised, partial or complete loss of the nipple is possible. This can be rectified by the surgeon if addressed immediately.

Cigarette smoking can complicate blood supply so it is best to give up smoking before and after surgery. As with all surgery infection is a risk, your surgeon will let you know how to care for your wounds, follow all instructions you are given.
After surgery

A follow up visit after the nipple repair surgery will be required to make sure you are healing well. Follow the instructions you are given about dressing and bandaging your wounds to ensure they heal optimally. If you have any enquiries contact Refine cosmetic clinic immediately.

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