Facts About Cheek Implants

The primary reason patients elect to get cheek implants is to enhance the beauty of the face. Along with facelift and eyelid surgery, cheek implants can make the appearance of the face more youthful. Cheek implants also plump up elongated faces. Cheek implants are commonly used to correct the face after injury or congenital defect; however people also choose to have the surgery to enhance their natural beauty. The cheeks are a focal point on the face and cheek implants can improve the shape and appearance of the face for both men and women. Cheek implants create beautiful high cheekbones that add structure and definition to the face. The procedure Cheek implants are made of silicone and are similar to implants used in breast augmentation, although much smaller. The implants are inserted through various locations, depending on the patients face, commonly through the inside of the mouth or under the lash line. Derma fillers can also be used to fill out hollow cheeks. This is non-invasive way of smoothing out fine lines and reducing the signs of aging. Derma fillers are a non-surgical way to enhance areas of the face. The risks A temporary loss of sensation is common for those who have undergone surgery, but this should rectify itself within a few months. If you are concerned about the numbness you experience after your cosmetic surgery do not hesitate to contact our clinic. Along with numbness, there are other general risks associated with all surgery such as swelling and the risk of infection. If you follow the instructions your surgeon gives you, you will lessen any risks. After surgery The healing time of cheek implants can be much shorter than other forms of cosmetic surgery, as the implant and incision is very small. Most patients will feel comfortable within a few weeks, by when the swelling will have drastically subsided. Muscle movement should not be affected by the implants. The tissue around the implants should stretch to comfortably accommodate them within a few months. A follow-up visit will be necessary to make sure you are healing well.

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