Chin Implants and Chin Liposuction

A chin implant can improve the whole shape of your face. Whether you want to make a double chin less noticeable, or just add some definition to the area, a chin implant can help you with these issues. Chin implants or chin liposuction are procedures that are often combined with other facial surgery, in order to give the face a completely new shape and more definition. The procedure As is the case with any kind of cosmetic surgery, you will have consultations leading up to the date of the procedure, so you’re completely aware of what the surgery entails and the associated risks. The procedure itself depends on what you want to achieve by having the surgery. For example, someone having a double chin reduced will undergo a different procedure to someone who wants to have a chin implant to make their chin bigger or more defined; especially if it is combined with cosmetic surgery on another part of the face. If you are having more than one type of surgery performed, such as a chin implant and cheek implants, the surgeon will work to make these features complement and balance each other. Risks There are risks associated with all kinds of cosmetic surgery and all of these will be explained during the consultations leading up to it. Numbness and loss of sensation in the area are common risks that you will undergo after any procedure. Bruising and swelling are also very common risks, but with the right post-surgery care and advice from your surgeon, these things can be managed and reduced while you’re recovering. After the procedure As mentioned earlier, swelling, bruising and numbness are all common factors after having any kind of cosmetic surgery. In the consultations leading up to the surgery, you’ll be given a timeframe of how long it will take to recover. How quickly you’re able to return to your daily routine will depend on the surgery you’ve had and how well you care for yourself after the surgery. It’s important to follow any instructions you’ve been given by your surgeon, as these will help you to get back to your normal life quicker. If you’re interested in having a chin implant, contact Refine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic for a free consultation.

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