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Are your makeup brushes at the root of your skin problems?


We go to great lengths to keep our skin happy and healthy. We invest in products and commit to regular treatments, but all of our hard work can be quickly undone if we are using dirty makeup brushes that may house an entire ecosystem of grossness if left unwashed.

Leaving makeup brushes unwashed is a common beauty mistake, surveys have found that most women only wash their brushes about once a month. But in reality, brushes need to be cleaned DAILY. It may seem like we are being a bit over the top but unclean brushes can house bacteria, viruses, and cause breakouts, blocked pores and skin irritations. Accumulated product from previous applications will also cause your cosmetic products to go on muddy, this is definitely not ideal when you’re trying to achieve that flawless contour or perfect eyeshadow blend.

So rather than spending an extra 20 minutes trying to smooth that streaky application or cover up a fresh breakout, we recommend taking the time to clean your equipment. Although there are some fancy products and machines on the market for those who are really serious about cleaning their tools, there are also some cheap and easy ways to get your brushes good as new without having to fork over a small fortune.


Gentle antibacterial soap and water

Probably the most obvious cleaning method for your beauty blenders and brushes is the classic combination of soap and water. But caution! You can only use super mild antibacterial soap as your everyday generic soaps will dry out bristles and natural fibres super fast, potentially ruining your brushes.

Baby shampoo

This is a super gentle way to clean your brushes which is also less likely to dry out your bristles. Although you won’t get the same antibacterial capacity as you will with a bacteria fighting soap, removing residue is a big part of the battle. Simply fill a bowl with lukewarm water and a squirt of baby shampoo, swirl the brushes in the water and gently massage the bristles. Dry brushes off with a clean towel and lay out to dry. For natural fibre brushes you can even apply hair conditioner, leave for a few minutes and rinse to get those bristles baby soft again.

Hand sanitizer

For synthetic brushes, a quick and easy tip recommended by the pros is to massage brushes gently with hand sanitizer after each use. Too easy!

Specialised balms, mitts and oils

Many specialised brush and sponge cleaning products are available from cosmetic stores such as Sephora. These products will set you back a little more but if you’re sceptical of DIY methods then you can rest easy knowing these products are specifically designed with your tools’ best interests at heart.
We love brush cleaning balms! Made with rich and nourishing oils these balms are easy to use and guarantee longevity. Just work your brushes against the balm to achieve a light lather and there you have it- soft, conditioned and clean brushes.
Cleaning oils differ slightly between brands in terms of methods of use, however will offer similar results.
Rubber mitts are also a new method for scrubbing away unwanted residue and build up, its like an exfoliation treatment but for your brushes!



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