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Should I Get A Nose Job? Understand These Criterias If You’re Qualified

A nose job or rhinoplasty surgery can be done to reshape or repair damage to the nose. There are certain eligibility criteria to be met if you are asking the question ‘should I get a nose job’. The best way to find out if you are a suitable candidate is to have a consultation and assessment with a suitably qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that might influence you having a nose job.


When Is A Rhinoplasty Effective?

There are certain conditions to be met, related to the physical appearance and functioning of the nose. A nose job can 

  • Correct breathing difficulties
  • Correct injuries or the effect of trauma to the nose
  • Correct a deviated septum
  • Open up the nasal passages (known as a septoplasty)
  • Treat damage done by an infection or cancer

A nose job can also be undertaken for cosmetic changes to the appearance of your nose, usually the size or shape of it. Patients may request to straighten their nose, address a bump, alter the bridge or bulb of the nose.


Should I Get A Nose Job?

Your surgeon will need you to meet some suitability criteria before you can be admitted for a nose job. Some of these include


You Must Be Over The Age Of 18

It is important that you wait until you are at least 18 because the bones of your face are still growing until that point, and a surgeon cannot operate if you are still growing. In the event that you are not over the age of 18 but insist on rhinoplasty, you will be referred for a psychological assessment and will need to wait out a three-month cooling-off period first.


You Must Be Healthy In Body And Mind

In order to have any surgery, your body needs to be strong and healthy so that you heal and recover quickly. You also need to have a strong mind and not be experiencing any kind of body dysmorphia as this can lead you to make decisions you might regret later on. You also need to be mentally prepared for the fact that the surgery might not turn out the way you want it to, and that you might need to have revisional surgery done.


You Must Be Prepared To Wait

While the actual surgery takes only an hour or two, depending on the complexity of your procedure, you should know from the outset that it can take up to a year for your nose to settle completely into its new size and shape.


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You Must Be Prepared To Deal With The Recovery

It takes a while for all the bruising and swelling to subside after a nose job and even though the worst of it will probably have calmed down seven to 10 days after your procedure, you may still have some puffiness and swelling around your nose and under-eye area for a few months.


You Should Not Be Allergic To Anaesthetic

In order to have rhinoplasty, you need to be sedated and so you should tolerate anaesthetic well without having an adverse reaction.


You Should Be A Non Smoker

Patients who smoke have an elevated chance of complications following nose jobs. You should have quit smoking for at least two weeks prior to your surgery and you should not smoke in the recovery period either.


You Should Not Be At Risk Of Medical Complications

If you are a bleeder or suffer from a chronic health condition or a medical condition that impedes your body’s ability to heal itself, a rhinoplasty would not be advised.


You Should Be Aware Of All The Possible Complications And Risks

Any kind of surgery carries some element of risk and a nose job is no different. Manage your own expectations by getting familiar with what could go wrong

  • Heavy bleeding can be expected
  • An infection at the surgical site that requires antibiotic treatment
  • Bruising and swelling at the incision site
  • Slow healing
  • Keloids (raised or visible scars). Even though most incisions are made inside the nose, you might end up with a more visible incision scar
  • Numbness in your nose or behind your front teeth
  • Impairment of your sense of smell
  • Dark skin under your eyes for up to six months
  • Narrowing of airways which can affect your breathing


So, Should You Get A Nose Job?

If you are unhappy with your nose and have rationally evaluated the pros and cons of the procedure, you should also

  • Be in general good health and be fit
  • Have a strong and healthy mind
  • Tell your medical practitioner about any and all medication you are taking
  • Be unhappy with the size and shape of your nose
  • Not have a chronic or unmanaged health condition
  • Not have a condition that interferes with your body’s healing ability
  • Be a non-smoker or in the process of quitting
  • Have the time and space to dedicate to full recovery
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Weigh up the risks and complications against the reward of the procedure
  • Have an idea of what your nose will look like after the procedure
  • Be comfortable with the cost of the procedure


If you have read this checklist above and are still asking yourself ‘should I get a nose job’, it’s probably time to make an appointment to chat to a professional. Please contact us for a convenient appointment: (02) 8599 7161.

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