Cosmetic and Reconstructive Tattooing

1. Tattoo or Semi Permanent Makeup

Cosmetic tattooing has traditionally been a popular treatment for women who have lost definition to areas of their face such as the lips and eyebrows due to discoloration or hair loss; a process that naturally occurs with age.

However today, a growing number of younger women are opting to undergo the tattooing process as well because it saves time and looks just as natural as real make-up. The procedure involves the insertion of naturally improved pigments into the upper layer of the skin to instantly improve the appearance. Every treatment is TAILOR MADE.

Full Lip Colour

This is what is known as a full lip blend. It is just like wearing lipstick 24 hours a day. If you need to change the colour for a special occasion, just wear lipstick over the top.

These professional cosmetic clinic procedures are ideal for people with a diminishing lip line due to the ageing process, or smoking. A full lip procedure can give you back your lips without the need for surgery. The lip line can be taken back to past its current position to create fuller lips once present in the past

Blended Lipline

This is a procedure recommended for those people that need their lip line corrected or enhanced, but don’t wish the full lipstick look that is achieved through the full lip blend.

This procedure involves creating a defined lipline and then shading it back into the lip to create a “smudged” lipliner look. We recommend this procedure instead of a straight lipline, because a lipline is too definite and requires continual filling in. Which means you are still dependent on your lipstick tube.

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Cosmetic tattoo eyeliner can include either top, bottom or both. It is available in suitable styles and colors for each individual.

We have a special anesthetic that make the cosmetic surgery procedure comfortable, even for the most sensitive eyes.


Hairstroke method

Most other operators still use the less complicated block (or solid) technique to recreate eyebrows. Again, this technique is only performed by a few practitioners (not in any beauty salon), but the results are dramatic. The technique involves hundreds of individual “hairstrokes” being weaved into the skin. The end result is a realistic three dimensional effect that is hard to distinguish from real hair.

This technique is highly artistic and requires the bone structure of each individual to be first measured, and then to have appropriate eyebrow shape accurately mapped out before the procedure commences. It is this time and effort that sets us apart from some other places that just rely on you to draw your own eyebrows on.

Solid method

This technique is equally effective for those with no eyebrows, as it is for those with gaps or thinning eyebrows. This method is used primarily by people with some existing hair, that need the “bulk” of the eyebrow to be fleshed out with colour. And of course there are some people that prefer this solid look

2. Reconstructive Cosmetic Tattooing

Reconstructive tattooing is used to conceal unsightly scars due to skin cancer removal, surgical scars or vehicle accident scars. They can all be permanently camouflaged. In a lot of cases the actual scar tissue will even be improved during the process. Breast cancer patients who have had a breast reconstruction done due to a mastectomy can now have areola reconstructed using reconstructive cosmetic tattooing

Scar Concealing

Now there’s a way to get rid of those unsightly scars that have always bothered you. Whether they be skin caner removal scars, face lift scars, surgical scars in general or vehicle accident scars, they can all be permanently camouflaged.

In a lot of cases the actual scar tissue will be improved during the process.

Areola Reconstruction

Breast cancer patients who have had a breast reconstruction done due to a mastectomy can now have the areola reconstructed using Cosmetic Tattoing.

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