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Natural Look Breast Augmentation — Discover How Does It Feel

Are you considering breast augmentation surgery and hoping for a more natural look? Don’t worry, as modern cosmetic technologies have made it easier than ever to attain incredibly natural-looking breasts. Many experienced surgeons have performed numerous successful procedures that are tailored precisely to the needs of their patients – offering them just what they desire in terms of a more organic aesthetic.


What are the different breast augmentation options? Which one is suitable to achieve a natural look in breast augmentation?

At first, the variety of breast lift options may appear intimidating. However, this variety is an advantage for patients seeking these treatments. Saline implants, silicone gel inserts, cohesive gel models and fat-grafting techniques each bring unique benefits to individuals according to their body shape, needs and expectations.



Saline breast implants are a popular choice for many women interested in breast implant surgery. They offer an affordable price and the ability to customise the size and shape of the implant. But what about natural-looking results?

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Saline implants are made with a sterile salt water solution that is safely absorbed by the body if it becomes damaged or ruptured. The saline itself is biocompatible, which means your body will not react against it. This serves to minimise the risk of complications and allows your implants to look and feel as natural as possible.

When placed by experienced and certified surgeons, saline implants can provide beautiful, natural-looking results that still maintain alluring fullness.

And because they come pre-filled with saline, they allow surgeons greater control over shaping their size and contour during surgery than other types of implants.

Ultimately, with proper placement by experienced medical professionals and meticulous care post-surgery, saline breast implants can look just as natural as any other type of implant available today.


What are the risks involved with having saline breast implants?

Saline breast implants can be a great option for those looking to get fuller and more voluminous breasts. However, there are some risks to consider before making your decision.

First and foremost, saline breast implants may be prone to rupture or deflation over time. This could lead to deformity of the implant, and further medical procedures may be needed to correct it.

Second, saline breast implants may cause irritation, inflammation and scarring if the body does not accept them well. This could result in discomfort or pain around the area where the implant is placed. It is important to discuss any potential side effects with a doctor before opting for this type of procedure.

Finally, people who have had saline breast implants are at an increased risk of developing an infection due to bacteria entering through an open wound. Conditions of this kind can be difficult to treat and lead to more severe health issues if left untreated.



Silicone implants are the most popular method of breast augmentation. They look and feel more natural than other types of implants due to the silicone shell that helps them to blend with the body’s natural tissue. Silicone implants have been designed for optimal appearance, texture, shape, width and projection. Additionally, they can also be moved around during surgery to provide a more personalised result. Ultimately, a silicone implant can give you a fuller bust and a more natural look than other types of implants.


What are the risks involved in silicone breast implants?

Silicone breast implants can come with a range of risks, including rupture or deflation of the implant, infection, scarring, and changes in breast sensation. Rupture or deflation of silicone implants occurs when the outer shell breaks down and loses its integrity, resulting in the leaking of silicone into the breast tissue or chest wall. Infection is another risk associated with silicone breast implants, which can occur during surgery or any time afterwards due to bacteria entering the wound site around the implant. Scarring is also a common side effect as a result of healing from surgery. Other risks include changes in breast sensation due to nerve damage, difficulty breastfeeding afterwards and the potential for further surgeries if complications arise.



Cohesive Gel (also known as “Gummy Bear”)

Cohesive gel breast implants, also known as “Gummy Bear” implants, are a type of breast implant that is filled with a thicker, form-stable silicone gel. This gel is firmer and more cohesive than other forms of silicone filler, making it less likely to leak or rupture if the implant is punctured. Cohesive gel implants are designed to look and feel more like natural breasts than other types of implants while still providing the desired shape and size. Additionally, they provide greater peace of mind due to their more secure structure.

Getting cohesive gel implants is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. There are several potential risks involved with this procedure, including:


Infection and Dry Socket

infection can occur if bacteria get into the implant site and causes inflammation. A dry socket is also a risk, which occurs when the blood clot protecting the implantable area fails to form.


Implant Migration

if the implant isn’t placed correctly or shifts after placement, it could lead to an uneven look or other complications.


Capsular Contracture

This is when scar tissue hardens around the implant, causing pain, discomfort, and a misshapen result.


Tissue Damage or Necrosis

rare but possible, tissue damage can occur due to poor insertion technique or incorrect placement. This may lead to a disfigurement of the surrounding area and even death of tissue.

These are just a few of the many risks associated with getting cohesive gel implants. Proper research and consultation with an experienced professional should be conducted before embarking on such a procedure.


Fat Grafting

Fat grafting for Breast Implants is a revolutionary procedure that can help to make breast implants more natural-looking and longer-lasting. This technique involves transferring fat from other areas of the body to the breasts to increase their size and improve their shape. During the procedure, fat is taken from areas such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs and purified before being injected into the breasts. The body may absorb some of the fat, but those that remain will create a contoured shape, giving you a more natural-looking result than traditional implants. It’s also important to note that fat grafting can be used alongside traditional implants to achieve better results. 


Is fat-grafting breast augmentation useful?

With a plethora of procedures, products, and techniques available today for breast augmentation, it can be overwhelming to select the one that’s perfect for you. breast augmentation surgery bondi junctionThat is why our team at Refine Clinic ensures uncompromising patient care from your initial consultation through recovery and maintenance. We are devoted to providing an incomparable experience throughout every step of this journey. Your first visit to the surgeon’s office is an important one. He will dedicate their time and attention to your situation, provide thorough answers to all of your queries, discuss both cosmetic and practical objectives with you, and finally recommend a treatment plan that caters specifically to you.

 The remarkable advantages of fat grafting to the breasts include little-to-no risk for rejection since it involves using your tissue. Fat and tissue are typically harvested from areas on our bodies with higher excess fatty deposits, such as the abdomen, thighs or love handles, before being purified and injected into the breast area. Experienced surgeons can use injections to modify and resize breasts with amazing accuracy. The augmentation material is derived from a patient’s tissue and body fat, making the results appear more organic compared to silicone, saline or gel implants. Plus, it feels much softer.

Although this process can have successful results when it comes to enhancing certain parts of the face and body, some dangers come along with it. These potential threats include infection, lumps or unevenness in the area treated, damage to nerves, decreased skin elasticity, and scarring. 


Am I a good candidate for natural breast augmentation?

As with any surgical procedure, patients must be relatively healthy, are non-smokers, and have no medical contraindications to surgery or anaesthesia. In the case of breast enhancement, ideal candidates have reached and maintained their goal weight for at least six months and are finished with pregnancy, childbearing, and breastfeeding.

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation with either silicone, saline, cohesive gel, or fat transfer is to be evaluated by the qualified team of surgeons at Refine Clinic, committed to providing the most beneficial options for a natural breast implant, including fat transfer to breast and will discuss all of the available options and what may work best for you.


Call our office on (02) 8599 7161 to schedule your consultation today, and learn more about how breast augmentation can be subtle, natural, and still dramatically successful.




Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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