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Is Nose Surgery Worth It? Understanding the Rhinoplasty Surgery

Having rhinoplasty surgery is a major decision that should be thought through, discussed with a professional (or two) and well planned. If the size or shape of your nose is affecting your self-esteem, you could benefit from a nose job. How much value you attach to your cosmetic surgery is your prerogative, so let’s take a look at how we could answer ‘is nose surgery worth it’.


What Is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is surgery that is redone to reshape or repair your nose. It can be done as a correctional surgery to repair a structural issue with the nose or septum, or it can be for cosmetic purposes.

If you are having a nose job because of a broken nose, it is best to have it done immediately. If not, the swelling and bruising could mean that you may need to wait for up to five days for your surgery so the swelling and bruising can go down.


Is Nose Surgery Worth It?

Only you can decide if the value of a nose job is equitable with the cost and investment on your part. To help you to make an informed decision it’s a good idea to compare the pros and cons of the procedure. 


The Benefits Of Having A Nose Job


Make Physical Changes To The Appearance Of Your Nose

The nose is a prominent feature on everyone’s face and while not everyone’s nose is symmetrical, the appearance of the nose does influence how attractive a person feels about themself. 

Some of the conditions that could be addressed with rhinoplasty surgery include

  • Making your nose bigger or smaller
  • Changing the appearance of your nasal tip
  • Straightening a crooked nose
  • Repairing damage done by injury or trauma
  • Repairing damage caused by illness


Make Changes To The Way Your Nose Works

Sometimes rhinoplasty surgery is necessary to open up the nasal passages in order to make breathing easier or to operate on a deviated septum.


How Much Value Do You Attach To Your Self Confidence?

Having cosmetic surgery is not vain if you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose to the extent that it affects your self-confidence. Some patients live in unhappiness for many years and find they have a new lease on life once their new nose has taken shape.


rhinoplasty is nose surgery worth it sydney

You Don’t Have To Go With The First Opinion

It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion on cosmetic surgery, and you need not feel bound to the first cosmetic surgeon that you engage with. There is no rush to get it done either. If it takes a little longer so you can find the right surgeon, that works in your favour.


What Are The Risks And Complications Of A Nose Job?

Like all kinds of cosmetic surgery, a nose job carries some risks, as well as the possibility of needing a second revisional surgery if you aren’t completely satisfied with your results. 


It Can Take Up To A Year For Your Nose Shape To Be Fully Formed

It can take up to a year to recover fully from rhinoplasty surgery. While the initial swelling and bruising will disappear in a few weeks, it can take months for the nose’s final shape to be visible. Having a nose job is not an overnight fix. It takes time.


There Are Reasonable Limits To What Can Be Done With Cosmetic Surgery

You do need to be realistic about your expectations of rhinoplasty surgery, as your cosmetic surgeon can only operate on the bone and cartilage that you have (not what you don’t have)


You Might Need Revisional Surgery

With nose jobs, very small changes and incisions can make a big difference to the appearance of the nose. With that in mind, sometimes patients want to make further changes to the shape or size of the nose once all the swelling has gone down.

This can’t be premeditated, you will only know if you need revisional surgery once all the swelling has subsided.


There Are Risks And Complications To Be Aware Of

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for a nose job. Rhinoplasty surgery can only be performed on young adults whose facial bones are fully formed and matured. That means girls should not be younger than 16 and boys should not be younger than 17

It is highly unlikely that your cosmetic surgeon will perform the procedure if you are a smoker. Smoking increases your chances of complications and compromises the body’s ability to heal itself. It can also kill off new skin cells as they form.

Furthermore, if you suffer from any of these conditions, you would probably not be able to have a nose job

  • A condition that affects your body’s ability to heal or causes you to bleed excessively
  • Allergies to anaesthetic
  • If you have a high risk of complications from surgery


Is Nose Surgery Worth It?

Deciding ‘is nose surgery worth it’ is a conversation that you should have with your surgeon. 

However if you 

  • Experience breathing problems
  • Have completed the growth of your facial bones
  • Feel self-conscious about the size or shape of your nose
  • Are realistic about what can be achieved with rhinoplasty
  • Are in generally good health

… then rhinoplasty could be a good decision for you.


If you’re still wondering about ‘is nose surgery worth it’, it’s a good idea to speak to a professional. Please contact us for a convenient and confidential appointment at (02) 8599 7161

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