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Facelift Recovery Time – How Long It Will Take To Recover?

Facelift surgery gives you the chance to lift sagging muscles and address the premature signs of ageing like fine lines, creases and skin laxity. This kind of cosmetic surgery is invasive and will take you some time to recover fully. For this reason, it’s essential that you take your facelift recovery time seriously and prepare yourself and your home so that you can dedicate a few weeks to proper rest and recovery. Let’s take a look at how to prepare for your facelift recovery time.


Facelifts: How Painful Are They?

Facelift surgeries are performed under a general anaesthetic so you don’t have to worry about pain during the operation. This kind of cosmetic surgery includes the most sensitive parts of the face so once the anaesthetic wears off, you can expect some discomfort. Any post-operative pain can be managed with pain medication.


Facelift Recovery Time: What To Expect In The First Week

Once you have had facelift surgery you should focus your attention on rest and recovery. Make arrangements for help with housework and cooking, and make sure you take leave from work if necessary. Being under stress or doing strenuous activities can cause your blood pressure to increase.

When you come out of your facelift surgery you can expect bruising, swelling, discomfort, numbness, tension and even tightness in your face, neck and chest. Within three to six weeks most of these side effects will have subsided and after a few months, the sensations in your face should also return to normal.

It is likely that your face will be bandaged up for a day or two. Once the bandage is taken off you can use a cool compress to contain swelling.

If you are taking pain medication, you will not be able to drive or operate heavy machinery. Only take the pain medication prescribed by your surgeon.

You must sleep with your head elevated and propped up on two or three pillows. This can help to manage swelling in your head and neck. You can also manage swelling and discomfort with cold compresses.

recovering facelift recovery time bondi junctionEven though you won’t be able to do strenuous exercise, you must still walk every day to keep your blood flowing.

Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and eat a diet rich in fibre during your recovery period because it is very common for people to become constipated as a result of anaesthetic. Even though you shouldn’t do strenuous exercise, you should walk as much as you can manage every day.

You should avoid alcohol for a few weeks as it can increase swelling. You should also avoid smoking and stay away from other smokers. Smoking is a common cause of infection after cosmetic surgeries and it can slow down your body’s ability to heal.

You may not feel very hungry if you are resting but it’s important to keep your energy levels up so try to eat small meals throughout the day. Stock on your favourite treats and comfort foods and ask friends and family to help you with ready-made meals to make recovery easier.

Any changes in your symptoms should be reported to your surgeon.


Recovering After A Facelift Surgery: What To Expect After The First Two Weeks

Once you approach ten days after your cosmetic surgery you will probably be feeling a lot better. Even so, it is a good idea to take it slowly and not rush into anything that could set your recovery back.

Most of your swelling and bruising should have improved but it’s possible to have some residual bruising and swelling for some weeks after cosmetic surgery.

If you plan to return to work or would like to resume exercise it is advisable to check in with your surgeon first.


Four Weeks After Facelift Surgery

By this stage, most of the visible side effects from your procedure should have disappeared and you are probably resuming most of your daily activities. Any bruising can be concealed with makeup and you should be able to resume physical activity by this stage.

You will still need to protect and keep your incisions clean and out of the sun. make sure you wear sunscreen and sunglasses as sun exposure can cause the scars to discolour.

Monitor your incisions and make sure that healing is progressing and there are no signs of infection.


Facelift Recovery Time: How Long Will It Take You To Feel Better?

Most people recover within a few weeks but everyone is different. Your recovery time is also dependent on your general state of health and the procedures you are having done. If you are having additional procedures, you may take longer to recover.

Don’t be impatient. Follow your surgeon’s instructions and take it slowly. While the majority of your side effects should disappear within three weeks it may take a few months for the incisions, swelling and bruising to heal completely. 


Do you still have questions about facelift recovery time or what you should be planning after your procedure? It’s always best to speak to a professional before embarking on any kind of surgery. Please contact s for a convenient and confidential appointment: (02) 8599 7161..

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