Ilse Taumberger

Ilse completed her diploma in Nursing in Austria in 1978 and worked in ICU for three years. Soon after migrating to Australia in 1981 she became a Beauty Therapist and after working for a cosmetic company for a few years she operated her own salon in Sydney for 4 years.

Ilse then returned to nursing and worked in an acute psychiatric unit for the next twelve years but as beauty was her passion, Ilse decided to return to the cosmetic industry in 2000. Starting out with one of the first hair removal clinics in Sydney and working part-time at Heber Davies led Ilse to specialise in skin rejuvenation, injectable fillers and muscle relaxants as well as practicing cosmetic tattooing.

In 2005 Ilse went on to specialise in teaching the use of lasers and pulsed light equipment and became staff trainer training Nurses and Beauty Therapists as well as writing procedure manuals all while running her own Beauty College.

You can rest assured that with Ilse’s approachability and years of unparalleled expertise that you will receive the most honest assessment of how she can help make your dreams a reality.

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