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Do Breast Implants Need To Be Replaced? All You Need To Know

Over the past few decades, breast implants have become increasingly popular. Thousands of women undergo breast augmentation surgery yearly to enhance their physical features. But do these implants last forever? Do they ever need to be replaced? 

With the right care and maintenance, breast implants can last for many years; however, there is no set expiration date. Whether replacing your implants or not will depend on individual factors, such as age, general health condition of the patient, personal preferences and a professional opinion from your cosmetic surgeon.

Let’s take a look at all the things you need to know about breast implants. 


How Long Will My Implants Last?

The simple answer is that it depends on the specific type of implant used and your body’s natural processes. Generally speaking, silicone implants will last anywhere from 10-20 years, while saline implants can last up to 15 years.

However, several factors can affect how long your implants will last, including:

  • Age and lifestyle habits. As we age, our bodies change and become more susceptible to certain issues like ruptures or leaks, which could lead to implant failure and may require breast implant replacement surgery sooner than planned.
  • Lifestyle habits play a role, too; if you smoke cigarettes or drink excessive amounts of alcohol, this can also cause an implant to fail earlier than expected. 


How To Know That You Need To Replace Breast Implants

It is essential to be aware that your implants might require attention before their approved duration is over. 

Below are a few indications that suggest your implants may necessitate a replacement or revision: 


Capsular contracture

When you sense your breasts are becoming firm. Occasionally, individuals develop capsular contracture around one or both implants – a condition referred to as a hardened scar in the breast tissue- that is unusual. If you encounter this issue, you must consult your surgeon immediately!

You could experience a confined area of hardened scar tissue directly underneath the skin near your implant. This is typically caused by calcium accumulation and should be discussed with your doctor for additional evaluation.


signs consider implanted breast bondi junction

Silicone breast implant ruptures

Although it is not a frequent occurrence, 2-12% of patients with silicone implants have experienced implant rupture. This may require the device to be replaced accordingly.

In contrast to saline implants, silicone’s consistency and structure allow it to stay intact during a rupture. 


Saline breast implant ruptures

As opposed to silicone, leakage is an issue with this type of implant. Fortunately, it’s non-toxic and won’t make you feel ill; hence the rupture may not be immediately noticed. In actuality, most people don’t present any symptoms at all!

If your breasts appear to have diminished in size, contain hard lumps, or become unevenly shaped; if you are experiencing pain or a tingling sensation – it is feasible that your implants may have ruptured. 


Your implants are starting to ripple

Additionally, look out for any ripples that may appear around the breasts; this is evidence of wrinkling in the implant. Although it isn’t hazardous, most people who get breast implants desire larger, seamless breasts, so having wrinkle-like features can be discouraging. 


Your breasts are beginning to droop

Furthermore, your implants can move out of alignment as you get older, particularly if you have children.

If your implants migrate or relocate, it is recommended to get them replaced.

If your body undergoes drastic weight changes, there is the potential for performing a breast lift. 


When you’re unhappy with your breast augmentation results

Ultimately, it would help if you switched your current implants for either bigger or smaller ones at some stage. And, if that’s the case, it is absolutely a reasonable explanation to get your implants changed!

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular choice for many women who wish to even out their breasts and make them look perfect. Although this procedure cannot produce the ideal figure, choosing the appropriate implants can significantly help create balance throughout your upper body.

After surgery, if you notice an amplified level of asymmetry or a visible discrepancy, you should consider getting your breast implants replaced.

Furthermore, sometimes the natural shape and form of your rib cage may be responsible for creating imbalance; thus must also be considered before any decision-making process.

By replacing the implant with the right size, patients can attain more equal breasts and a greater satisfaction rate from their initial procedure. 



Other Signs You Need To Consider Regarding Your Implants

Other signs that an implant may need replacing include pain in the chest area (this could indicate an infection) and persistent swelling, which could point towards an accumulation of fluid around the breasts. While these symptoms don’t always mean a replacement is necessary right away, it’s best to get them checked out just in case.

Afterwards, if it’s determined that a breast implant needs replacing, then steps can be taken depending on individual preference and healthcare needs. In most cases, though, doctors will recommend replacing both implants even if only one is damaged since having two different types of implants can cause complications over time.

Additionally, many physicians suggest undergoing the same type of surgery again for consistency’s sake. However, depending on individual circumstances, this isn’t always necessary, so talk with your doctor about what works best for you! 


What To Expect With Breast Implant Removal?

Replacing implants can appear intimidating, but it is a rather straightforward process. 



This procedure typically takes no more than an hour and may be performed with a general anaesthetic or local anaesthesia accompanied by sedation, depending on your comfort preferences. 


During the procedure

Your doctor will make the same incisions from your initial surgery during the implant removal process, later taking out existing implants and replacing them with newer ones.

Following the procedure, you’ll be wrapped up and have to don a specialised garment for approximately several days or weeks while your chest heals. Naturally, some swelling may arise in that region; however, this should eventually abate with time. 


replacing breast implants bondi junctionAfter the surgery

Your surgeon will provide you with clear postoperative instructions and, if required, a prescription for pain relievers to take home.

Overall, breast implant replacement is a relatively safe procedure and can help to restore balance and symmetry in the chest area. While implants are meant to last many years, it’s still important to be aware of any potential signs that your implants may need replacing.

If you think you’re experiencing any issues with your current implants, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified medical professional for further advice. It could save you from future complications down the line! 


Possible Complications

Most breast implant revision surgery is successful, but as with any surgery, there are some risks and possible complications that may arise. These include infection, pain, asymmetry, scarring, and implant rejection. Discussing these possible risks with your doctor before undergoing the procedure is important so you can be aware of the potential issues that may arise. 


How To Increase Implant Longevity

If you want to make sure that your breast implants last as long as possible, it is critical to select a cosmetic surgeon who is highly qualified, experienced and board-certified. 

Inexperienced or incorrect surgical methods can lead to a variety of complications that could demand early breast implant substitution, adjustment, and even extraction.

To optimise your breast implant experience and extend its lifetime, you should follow a few basic guidelines for proper care. Remember that although immediate postoperative attention is important, long-term maintenance should also be prioritised. Here are some handy tips to ensure beautiful results:

  • It is essential to adhere to postoperative instructionsimplant boobs longevity bondi junction
  • Nurture yourself with rest, and allow your body to recuperate and heal wholly.
  • Invest in supportive undergarments and make sure to wear them during physical activity for optimal performance.
  • Hydrate your skin daily to maintain a youthful and healthy complexion.
  • Minimising sun exposure is a great way to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Make sure you limit the number of hours spent in direct sunlight, as overexposure can cause irreparable damage to your delicate complexion.
  • Achieve and preserve a healthy, balanced weight.
  • Postpone breast augmentation until you have birthed and reared your little ones.
  • To ensure your physical and mental well-being, regularly get mammograms as part of your health care routine.
  • Eating a healthy diet.
  • Making a conscious decision to quit smoking, moderating alcohol consumption, and exercising regularly are all excellent methods for keeping your body healthy and fit.
  • Moreover, regular check-ups with your doctor are necessary for the early detection of any potential health problems. 



In this blog post, we have provided an abundance of knowledge about breast implants. From why they need to be removed or replaced to what occurs if you fail to do so and the evolution of them over time, all points have been raised in detail.

We recommend that those with breast implants from either cosmetic augmentation or reconstructive procedures visit a board-certified cosmetic surgeon annually for an examination to verify their implants are well preserved and without capsular contracture. 


How To Find The Right Surgeon For You

Our experienced team of board-certified cosmetic surgeons and medical staff are here to help you through every step of your breast implant journey, from consultation to surgery and postoperative care.

At Refine Clinic, we understand that choosing a cosmetic surgeon is not a decision that should be taken easily, which is why we strive to provide the best possible care and results each and every time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on (02) 8599 7161 today if you have any questions or concerns about breast implants. We are here to help! 



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 





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