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Benefits of Chemical Peels for Skin Care & Its Benefits

There are numerous benefits of chemical peels for your skin, but ultimately most patients are interested in what this anti-ageing treatment can do to make their skin look younger and fresher. Most patients will spend up to half an hour per treatment, and experience skin peeling effects for up to five days afterwards. Once the old skin has peeled away, younger and less wrinkled skin is revealed underneath. 


What Are Chemical Peels And How Do They Work?

A chemical peel is a solution that is applied to the surface of the skin, with the goal of making the skin blister and then peel off. Essentially the chemical peel does cause damage to the skin and in order to stimulate its ability to heal itself. Patients find their anti-ageing effects beneficial.

The most common chemicals used in the procedure include salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid. They resurface the skin, in order to bring about a number of benefits.

Peels can be light, medium or deep. A light chemical peel will remove the dermis of the skin and can be used every two to five weeks. A medium chemical peel removes skin cells from the dermis and epidermis. It may be necessary to repeat the treatment a few times before you can achieve your desired result. A deep chemical peel penetrates the skin even deeper and doesn’t usually need to be repeated to achieve your desired result.


What Are The Benefits Of Chemical Peels For Skin Care?

Peels are beneficial because of their anti-aging results. Patients find adding peels to their skincare routine can address a number of skin concerns including:


Change The Appearance Of The Skin

The benefits of a chemical peel include improving the skin’s colour, texture and tone.


Reduce Sun Damage

Skin conditions caused by sun damage, such as freckling can be improved by chemical peels. Patients with skin changes because of hormonal changes, such as melasma, may also find it beneficial to have chemical peels as part of their skincare regime.


Improving Skin Breakouts

A chemical peel can improve the condition of your skin, especially complexions that are prone to breakouts and acne.


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Reducing The Appearance Of Scars

Chemical peels can improve the appearance of scars, especially those caused by acne.


Improve The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Wrinkles, fine lines and creases in the skin can be improved after treatment with a chemical peel.


How Long Does It Take To Improve The Appearance Of The Skin?

For many patients, the skin is visibly improved after just one treatment, but a series of treatments, approximately four to six weeks apart is recommended for long term improvement.


Are Chemical Peels Suitable For Everyone?

Generally, patients who have fairer or lighter skin respond best to chemical peels. The conditions that respond best to peels are those that are caused by sun damage and skin exposure to UV rays.  Sometimes patients with darker skin can experience a less even skin tone after a treatment. Your surgeon will be able to give you a more specific prediction once your personal risk factors have been evaluated.

Not all skin conditions will respond well to chemical peels. Patients who have more pronounced wrinkles and more severe signs of ageing may want to consider other skincare treatments. 


Does A Chemical Peel Hurt?

Using chemical agents on the skin usually result in a burning or stinging sensation that can last for five to ten minutes. Sometimes the feeling lasts after the chemical has been removed, and some patients find relief if they use pain medication. 

Patients who have medium and deep peels may benefit from a sedative and painkiller to make the procedure more comfortable.

Once the chemical peel has been removed you might expect to react in a similar manner to sunburn. This means your skin is likely to blister and peel off, and you can expect some redness that might last for up to seven days. It’s important to keep your skin out of the sun in the period after the peel because it will be especially sensitive to sunlight afterwards. It’s even more important that you wear sunscreen and reduce the time you send in direct sunlight as much as possible.


What Are The Side Effects And Complications Of Chemical Peels?

Speak to your surgeon about the potential risk factors of having a chemical peel before moving ahead with the treatment. Some patients may experience adverse reactions so it’s important to make sure you work with a registered and experienced skincare specialist. 

Some of the potential complications and side effects of peels include

  • Redness, tenderness
  • The possibility of scarring or long term skin damage
  • Colour changes to the skin (more common in patients with darker skin)
  • Infections are possible. A peel can also reactivate or trigger older infections like the herpes virus (cold sores)


Preparing For Your Treatment

Your surgeon may recommend you take certain measures before your treatment to prepare your skin and reduce your chances of complications. This may include

  • Taking retinol-based products to improve healing and reduce scarring
  • Stopping certain hair removal procedures like waxing
    Start taking antiviral medication if your practitioner thinks you have a chance of a viral infection.


To find out more about the anti-ageing benefits of chemical peels for your skin type, and the kind of results you can expect from a treatment, please call us at (02) 8599 7161 for a confidential appointment.

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