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Blepharoplasty Cost in Thailand – Is It Really Worth It?

If you are thinking about blepharoplasty cost in Thailand in order to save money, you may want to pause for a moment and reflect. Having cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal experience, and it requires you to feel completely comfortable with your surgeon.

A procedure that goes wrong or which doesn’t meet your expectations may need to be redone, having further operational and cost implications. The good news is, thanks to the very high standard of plastic surgery in Australia, it is not necessary (or practical) to go to places like Bangkok Thailand for blepharoplasty – here’s why.


What Is A Blepharoplasty And Why Is It Performed?

Blepharoplasty eyelid surgery is a procedure that is done to remove excess fat and skin from around the eyes, creating an instantly more alert look and lifting the eyes. As we get older our skin loses its natural elasticity and causes the upper eyelids to sag under the weight of skin and fat deposits. If there is a lot of skin hanging from the upper eyelid it can interfere with your vision. This sagging, weighty effect can also take place on the lower eyelids resulting in puffiness and creases developing below the eyes.

Blepharoplasty can address:

  • Sagging, loose skin in the upper or lower lid
  • Bags under your eyes
  • Puffiness caused by fluid retention around your eyes
  • Extra skin and fine lines around the lower eyelid

The procedure will not remove crows feet from around your eyes or address dark circles. In order to be eligible for eyelid surgery you should be in generally good health, be a non-smoker and not be at increased risk from surgical procedures. You should also not suffer from any chronic or unmanaged eye problems.

One of the major advantages of having plastic surgery in Australia is that you will be able to consult with your surgeon at length beforehand, in order to check your suitability, and make sure you pass all the checks. If you are jetting in and out of Bangkok Thailand for the procedure you might end up cutting corners because of travel pressures.


What Can You Expect During A Blepharoplasty?

Another reason that you don’t need to jet off to Bangkok Thailand is that eyelid surgery is a relatively quick procedure, that can usually be completed in 60 to 90 minutes.

expect treatment blepharoplasty cost thailand sydneyIf you are having eyelid surgery on your upper lids, you will be injected with local anaesthesia. If your lower lids are going to be operated on you will have general anaesthesia.

For upper eyelid surgery your plastic surgeon will make the incision just above the crease in your lid. For lower eyelid surgery the incision will be made just below your bottom lash line. Excess skin is removed and the muscle will be redistributed.


Why You Don’t Need To Go To Bangkok Thailand For Eyelid Surgery

As with any kind of surgical procedure, having a blepharoplasty carries a certain degree of risk and there are specific complications that can arise as a result of this procedure. These include:

  • Pain and bleeding at the site
  • An infection of the surgical wounds

There are also procedurally specific complications that can occur, and whose side effects can be amplified in the event that you opt for medical tourism and have the procedure done overseas. These include

  • Corneal abrasion
  • Double vision
  • Bleeding into your eye socket
  • The removal of too much skin
  • An asymmetrical end result
  • Scarring at the points of incision


Why You Can’t Compare Blepharoplasty Cost Thailand With Blepharoplasty Cost In Australia

In Australia your rights are protected by industry bodies like the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and while you might think you are paying more for cosmetic surgery, you are actually paying for essential services like infection control, well qualified and highly experienced medical practitioners and world class facilities.

At face value, your procedure might appear to cost less but when you factor in the difference in the quality of the procedure, as well as a contingency for the event that something goes wrong, it will end up costing a great deal more. If you are considering going to Bangkok Thailand for surgery you should weigh up the risk vs the cost and decide what’s more important to you.


What Kind Of Recovery Can You Expect?

In the majority of cases patients can go home a few hours after surgery once the anaesthetic has worn off. You will be advised to rest and avoid strenuous activities for approximately the first week after your procedure. You should also not wear eye makeup and avoid sun exposure during this time. Your surgeon will give you personal feedback on when you can resume exercise again, but it is a good idea to do it as soon as possible, as it can assist with your recovery.


How Long Will The Results Of Your Blepharoplasty Last?

Some patients report noticing the results for five to six years after their procedure but the effects are longer lasting in the sense that you will still look younger than if you had not had the procedure done.

If you are researching about how much does blepharoplasty cost in Thailand in order to save some money now, think about the future savings you can reap by having your eyelid surgery in Australia. It’s always best to speak to a professional before making any major decisions.


Please contact us for an appointment as soon as possible: (02) 8599 7161

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What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation? – Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to change the aesthetics of the labia of the vagina. Our highly skilled and experienced surgeons have assisted many women with vaginal rejuvenation surgery or vaginoplasty, to help them feel more confident and comfortable with their bodies. Let’s try to answer the question of what is vaginal rejuvenation and how it could benefit you.


What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation And Why Is It Performed?

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are performed for women who are not happy with the appearance of their labia (the outer lips of the vagina). And, while the topic has been an uncomfortable one for quite a long time, women are starting to feel freer in discussing their bodies and sexual identities, marking an increase in interest in vaginoplasty enquiries.


Who Requests Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are requested by women of different ages, as their bodies go through different stages of life and changes caused by hormonal changes. It is often requested by women who have birthed multiple children, and by women who have tried pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, but to no avail.

Vaginal rejuvenation is requested to address a number of concerns as the vagina and birth canal go through different stages of life. Some examples of changes may include:


Changes in lubrication

Hormonal changes and ageing can reduce the amount of vaginal lubrication being produced and this may lead to painful intercourse. Vaginal rejuvenation treatment may assist with the promotion of blood flow and thus lubrication levels.


Decreases in sensation

Noticeable during intercourse.


Increase in vaginal laxity

Pregnancy and childbirth, and ageing can contribute to vaginal laxity, which may impact on confidence and a woman’s quality of life. Women may experience decreased sexual sensitivity and satisfaction.


Loss of muscle tone in the labia

Pregnancy, childbirth and ageing result in the loss of muscle tone in the vagina. It is possible to remove excess skin if this is interfering with intercourse or to inject fillers into the labia majora if you have experienced volume loss.


expectation what is vaginal rejuvenation bondi junctionaWhat Can You Expect From A Vaginoplasty Procedure?

You will discuss the specifics of your treatment with your plastic surgeon, but most vaginoplasty procedures take around an hour to complete. During the procedure the muscle at the back of the vagina will be surgically shortened and then joined together. Often this is done using stitches that will dissolve on their own. If there is any additional skin, this can be removed, which tightens the muscles and skin of the vagina.


Before your surgery you should:

  • Avoid food and drink for 10 hours before the procedure
  • Do not have sexual intercourse the day before your surgery so that your vaginal is in its regular form for the vaginoplasty
  • Make sure you have time off work and that your home is set up for your recovery
  • Your surgeon will probably also give you a pregnancy test to confirm that you are not expecting.


What Can You Expect After Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery?

As with any kind of surgery, you will need to give yourself enough time to heal, rest and recover. You will also need to see your surgeon at regular intervals for check ups. you can expect some degree of swelling, bruising and bleeding following your vaginal rejuvenation surgery, however this should improve in the days after your procedure.

Most patients notice the effects of their vaginal surgery two to three weeks after the procedure, and most can resume sexual activity four to six weeks after their vaginoplasty.


Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects?

All surgeries carry with them some element of risk, and each patient should conduct his or her own risk assessment before moving forward with any kind of surgery. Of course working with an experienced and well qualified plastic surgeon who follows a thorough planning process can help to mitigate your risk.

And, although uncommon, there are some possible complications associated with vaginal rejuvenation treatments and these may include:


Different sensations during intercourse

Any nerve damage during the procedure can result in alterations to your sensations during sexual intercourse.


Pain during sexual intercourse

May also occur as a result of damage during vaginoplasty.


Damage to other organs

Because of the close proximity of other organs in the pelvis, although rare, it is possible for them to be damaged.


In terms of what is expected of you, you should:

  • Be aware of your healing and recovery and make sure you have reached the appropriate healing milestones a week after your vaginal rejuvenation surgery.
  • Monitor your progress for any signs of infection. If you notice any deterioration of side effects or any unusual discharge it could be a sign of an infection that should be inspected by your surgeon.


What Can You Expect To Pay For Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments?

The cost of your vaginal rejuvenation treatment will be fully inclusive and encompass your surgeon and assistant surgeon’s fees, the anaethetist’s fee and hospital costs, as well as the costs of your follow up consultations during the first six weeks after your treatment. If you are having any other treatments, these will be added to your total cost.

Your surgeon will prepare a treatment estimate for you, prior to carrying any work out.


Still unsure about what is vaginal rejuvenation and how it could benefit you? It’s always best to speak to a professional. Please contact us for a confidential discussion: (02) 8599 7161.

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How to Get Rid of Wrinkles In A Minimally Invasive Way?

If you are wondering how to get rid of wrinkles it certainly does help to understand how they form so you can decide how to treat them. Wrinkles, laugh lines, and creases in the skin are all natural signs of ageing, and are formed as the skin starts to lose its natural elasticity. While it may not be possible to prevent wrinkles from forming, there are minimally-invasive procedures and techniques like anti-wrinkle injections that can be used to improve your facial volume. Let’s find out more about dermal fillers and how they can be used for anti-ageing.


Why Do Wrinkles Develop in the First Place?

Contrary to what experience may lead us to believe, wrinkles do not form overnight. Rather they develop over time, as our skin becomes thinner and less elastic as we age, and as we perform repeated facial expressions.

How To Get Rid of Wrinkles

While it’s not possible to prevent wrinkles there are good lifestyle habits you can follow to take care of your skin and body, to make the ageing process easier and more graceful. Here are some lifestyle modifications you can follow:


Avoid the sun

Avoid the sun as much as possible, and wear a high protection sun cream every single day. Wear a hat and sunglasses (and sunscreen) when you expose your skin to the sun’s harmful rays.


Stay hydrated

Drink water and avoid alcohol and limit your caffeine intake. Any dehydration in your body is going to reflect in your skin, and will be visible as fine lines and creases. It doesn’t matter how much topical moisture you provide – if your body is dehydrated, your skin will show it.


lifestyle tips how to get rid wrinkles bondi junctionGet enough sleep

Adequate sleep is essential for the skin to rejuvenate and repair itself overnight.


Eat plenty of antioxidants in your diet

Antioxidants reduce the effects of free radicals on your skin, and they’re an essential part of detoxing your cells.


Don’t smoke

Smoking ageing and dehydrates your skin and can make you look older than you are. Quitting smoking is one of the most positive lifestyle changes you can make.


What Are Anti Wrinkle Injections?

Colloquially known as anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers are a minimally-invasive way to enhance facial contours, iron out wrinkles and smooth out creases in the skin. This is because most of the visible signs of ageing can be attributed to loss of volume in the face.

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances made from non-animal origin that add volume to the face and can be injected into different parts of the face to achieve different objectives. Soft fillers tend to be used around the eyes and lips to plump the areas up, while harder fillers are injected into the cheek area to increase facial volume. Dermal fillers are popular with clients who want to prevent wrinkles, because of the extent to which they can volumise facial tissues and hydrate the skin.


Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid are used most commonly on the lower part of the face, to address line and depressions in the surface of the skin. Although they may not prevent wrinkles they are effective at treating areas such as

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Filling acne scars and depressions
  • The frown lines that can develop between the eyebrows
  • Crows feet and fine creases that appear around the eyes
  • Vertical lines around the mouth that are caused by smoking.


Do Anti Wrinkle Injections Work?

Most dermal fillers have a specific lifespan and need to be replaced every year to 18 months, depending on the product and where it was administered. In most cases, patients can see a visible difference straight after the procedure. Ask your plastic surgeon how long your fillers can be expected to last and when you might need them redone so you can plan ahead. Your body will gradually absorb the filler over time, and you will probably want to restore the effect when that happens.

It’s important to discuss your needs and expectations with your surgeon before going ahead with any work. Different brands and filler types are used to achieve different effects and in the majority of cases your surgeon will be able to show you before and after pictures so you have some idea of what the end result could look like.

Remember: the most effective anti wrinkle injections should have a natural finish and it shouldn’t look as though you have had a treatment done. The best treatments make your complexion look refreshed and softened.


Are Dermal Fillers Painful?

Many dermal fillers are administered with a dose of anaesthetic to ensure the area is numbed before the area is injected. Depending on the product to be used, the needle may not even penetrate all layers of the skin so the term anti wrinkle injections are not always an accurate way to describe how a dermal filler works.


Are There Any Side Effects To Be Aware Of?

Some discomfort and irritation may occur at the site but side effects are infrequent and allergic reactions occur very rarely when the procedure is professionally managed by an experienced aesthetic surgeon. The fact that fillers demand little downtime make them increasingly popular over more invasive procedures.

Still wondering how to get rid of wrinkles and whether hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are an effective anti-ageing strategy for you? It’s always best to get a professional opinion.

Please contact us for a confidential appointment: (02) 8599 7161.

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Rhinoplasty Before And After – Expectation From The Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that can change the shape, size or proportions of your nose. Investigating rhinoplasty before and after images is a very important part of your pre-surgical research because it gives a very clear idea of the surgeon’s skill and expertise.


Why Before And Pictures Are So Important

Professional websites use a selection of stock photographs to market their services and show their business in a positive light. Sometimes you may assume that an image is of a patient, but in reality, it is a model and the image has been purchased.

rhinoplasty before and after in Bondi Junction

Before and after galleries show you actual patients who have been operated on by the plastic surgeon in question. The number of rhinoplasty images will show you how experienced the surgeon is in nose surgeries.

Very often before and after images are accompanied by a background to the patient and their needs around rhinoplasty surgery. Using this information you will be able to see quite quickly if there have been many patients with your issue, and you’ll also be able to see how it has been addressed.


What Kind Of Results Can You Expect From Rhinoplasty Surgery?

It’s important to remember that very small changes to the nose’s structure can make a very significant difference to your face overall. You may think you need a major change, however, small changes can make a big difference and look at rhinoplasty before and after images can show you just how much difference that equates to.

It takes up to one year for you to recover fully from your rhinoplasty surgery and after this period, some patients may request further work to be done in a second surgery.


Refine Clinic is proud of our extensive portfolio of work and rhinoplasty before and after images can be arranged for you to view in-office. Please contact us for a confidential appointment: (02) 8599 7161.

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Why It’s Not Necessary To Have A Nose Job in Thailand?

Many years ago patients may have been attracted to the prospect of a nose job in Thailand, but the procedures have become so advanced, today’s patients want a natural result. Rhinoplasty is a complex cosmetic surgery procedure that requires close collaboration with a skillful surgeon. Let’s look at some of the reasons you shouldn’t even consider a nose job in Thailand.


Nose Job in Thailand Bondi Junction

Your Nose Is A Prominent Facial Feature

Perhaps one of the reasons that make rhinoplasty one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, the nose is very prominent in your face – and that is precisely why it needs to be managed so carefully. Very small changes can make a big difference to the appearance of your nose, and the procedure must be carefully planned. Booking flights to Thailand makes the planning phase much less practical.

Careful planning can help you to avoid revision rhinoplasty and dissatisfaction with the end result.


We Strive For A Natural Look

Our surgeons strive to create a natural end result so it doesn’t look as though your nose has had any work done. If you’re considering a nose job for cosmetic reasons, remember that a natural look should be a priority.


Post-Surgical Care And Recovery After Your Nose Job

It can take up to a year for your new nose to settle and for you to feel completely comfortable with your new look. It really does make a difference to have a support network close by, and not feel isolated because your medical team is so far away if you have had a nose job in Thailand.

Still considering a nose job in Thailand? Even if the cost is a major deciding factor for you, it pays to invest in one high-quality procedure than to take the risk of a cheap procedure, that you have to wear for at least a year, and which could cost you more to fix later on. If you are considering a nose job it’s best to speak to a surgeon in Sydney: (02) 8599 7161.


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Perfect Nose Shape For Rhinoplasty Surgery

At Refine Clinic our objective is to help our patients achieve their perfect nose shape. And, while your rhinoplasty journey may begin with a celebrity inspiration, part of our job is finding a nose shape that looks natural and complements your facial features. Ultimately it is achieving a balance between your ideal and what looks good on your unique face.


The Search For The Perfect Nose

As one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, a nose job can be performed for both cosmetic and physical or reconstructive reasons. The nose is a prominent feature on the face, and attracts other people’s attention when we interact with them. Many patients visit our clinic wanting a nose like Scarlett Johanssen or Kate Middleton but we need to work with your individual features and ensure we have an end-result that looks natural – or like you haven’t had any nose surgery.


Popular Nose Shapes

Nose shapes go through trends, and are certainly influenced by the people we see in the media. Here are some shapes considered ‘perfect’ by our patients


The Snub Nose

This nose shape can give the face a cute appearance as it turns up at the tip. It is a soft and round shape with a slightly curved silhouette.


The Celestial Nose

This perfect nose shape is a smaller shape that usually has a dent in the bridge and a tip that protrudes. It is a popular nose shape shared by around 13% of the population.


The Nubian Nose

This nose shape features wide nostrils, a long smooth bridge and a wide base. It can frequently be seen in people with African ancestry.


The Greek Nose

The Greek nose shape is strong, with its straight bridge being its most noticeable characteristic. It is a popular shape requested by patients wanting rhinoplasty.


The Roman Nose

Another classic nose shape, the Roman nose gives its owner a very strong and dignified profile. It has a sloping curve and an exaggerated bridge. Also called an Aquiline nose, this nose shape is popular in rhinoplasty and can be seen in use in ancient Roman sculptures.


types perfect nose bondi junctionWhat Kind Of Results Can Rhinoplasty Achieve?

Your journey to achieving your perfect nose requires collaboration with your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will be able to assist you with changing the size of your nose, in its profile and width. Your surgeon will also be able to discuss your options in terms of nasal symmetry, as well as changing the shape of your nostrils or shape of your nose tip.

Some of the results that can be achieved through nose surgery include:


Changing the symmetry of the nose

It may not always be possible to achieve perfect symmetry, but you may be able to have adjustments made to contribute to facial harmony.


Straightening your nose

Rhinoplasty may be able to straighten a crooked nose.


Reducing nasal openings

Rhinoplasty can reduce the size of nasal openings and open the nasal passages to improve breathing. This is frequently done through septoplasty or surgery carried out on the nasal septum.


Changing the size of your nose

Nasal surgeries can be performed to make the nose bigger or smaller, to change the size and shape of the nasal tip.


Are You A Candidate For A Nose Job?

Plastic surgery is not always an option for everyone and your options need to be discussed with your surgeon along with a thorough consultation. It’s important to consider your options in the context of your health and surgery goals, and it needs to be considered along with your lifestyle factors. Some of the factors that might influence whether a nose job is viable for you include


There are some limitations

What can be achieved through nose surgery depends on the cartilage and bone structure that you have. While you might start off with an ideal, it needs to be discussed with your dentist to see what can be reasonably achieved.


Your final result may take up to a year 

Because of the healing process, it may be as long as 12 months before you get an idea of how your new nose has settled. In some cases, patients may need further surgery. Are you ready to commit to a longer-term process?


Your facial bones must be mature

Nose jobs can only be performed on faces that are fully matured, otherwise, it can affect the person’s normal growth process. This is usually age 17 for boys and age 16 for girls.


Are you a smoker?

Smokers run the risk of complications associated with nose surgery so if you want rhinoplasty we would highly recommend that you quit smoking.


Risk Factors For Nose Surgery

Some patients may not be eligible for rhinoplasty. Patients who can’t have anaesthetic, patients whose bodies can’t heal themselves or are bleeders, and patients at risk of surgical complication may be recommended to avoid nasal surgeries.


What To Do Before Surgery

To achieve your perfect nose you’ll need to follow all of your surgeon’s advice, including

  • Looking after your health and fitness before the procedure, to aid with recovery
  • Let your surgeon know about any medication you’re taking and stop certain medications, including any natural or complementary medicine.
  • Quit smoking if you haven’t already. Smoking increases your risk of complications from the surgery and during the recovery period.

Make sure you are prepared for your recovery period so that you can heal well. Make sure you have everything you need so that you can rest and recover at home. Discuss any concerns you might have with your surgeon in advance. The more prepared you are, the less anxious you will feel.

At Refine Clinic we work with our patients to achieve their perfect nose shape. Please contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs:

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vaginal rejuvenation bondi junction

Curious About The Benefits Of Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation (VR) is a type of female cosmetic genital surgery (FCGS) that is growing in popularity. It can be performed to enhance sexual satisfaction or to change the appearance of the vagina. Interestingly a number of studies have now been published, confirming that women who opt for vaginal rejuvenation treatment reported greater sexual satisfaction.


What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery?

During a VR procedure, your plastic surgeon will remove, restore or tighten the skin from the inner or outer labia. This may be done surgically or using laser treatment.


Why Is VR Surgery Performed?

The primary reason that women request vaginal rejuvenation is to increase their vaginal muscle tone, voluntary control of pelvic floor muscles, and muscle strength during sexual intercourse.

Life-related factors such as childbirth, muscle atrophy, and age may contribute to vaginal laxity. Urinary incontinence and loss of muscle control is another important reason that more women are enquiring about VR surgery. Having VR surgery can tighten the muscles of the vagina and increase tightness in the perineum (the area between the anus and vagina).

In general, women visit their plastic surgeons to enquire about VR surgery because of:


Childbirth and delivery

Some women experience prolapse or trauma after childbirth. Others may have had an incision in their perineum after childbirth that did not heal well.


Developmental needs

Some women have larger labia or a wider vagina even if they have not delivered children.



Some women experience a loss of elasticity in their vaginal muscles as they get older

We are living longer lives in general today, and women are also living for longer. And, even though the first recorded vaginal plastic surgery was captured in 1050 AD, it is only in recent years that vaginal rejuvenation has shrugged off its social taboos, and women feel empowered to address their sexual health and wellbeing.

It’s important to note that female sexual dysfunction can cause psychological distress and many medical practitioners believe that sexual dysfunction in women is still under-reported.


Why Does Vaginal Laxity Impact On Sexual Satisfaction?

When the vagina is wide, there is less friction during sexual intercourse, resulting in a lack of satisfaction.


How Does Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Work?

The first step is to discuss your needs with your plastic surgeon. You will have an in-depth consultation to discuss your goals and any fears you might have. Your surgeon will discuss any risk factors with you during this stage. Your surgeon will also perform a physical assessment, where he or she will evaluate which tissues need to be restored.

After an assessment and discussion, your surgeon will prepare a treatment plan. It may include options for the reshaping or resizing of your labia minora (inner vaginal lips) or the restoration of the vaginal wall. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery can be performed by laser


What Can You Expect After The Procedure?

Most women report some discomfort and swelling after the procedure, which should improve in the first week or two following vaginal surgery. You can expect to resume sexual intercourse around four to six weeks after your procedure, once you have healed fully.

Most women are pleasantly surprised by the improvement in sexual satisfaction following vaginal rejuvenation and report a greater sense of sexual confidence.


What Are The Benefits Of VR?


Change the appearance of your vagina

It’s important to note that no two vaginas are the same, and there is no standard ideal for a vaginal appearance. Even so, some women are dissatisfied or uncomfortable with the appearance of their vagina. Sometimes this occurs after childbirth, but some women are dissatisfied with their vaginas before they have had children. VR surgery can be used to reduce the inner vaginal lips to change their appearance.


Improve muscle strength and tone

The muscle tone and strength of the pelvic floor, perineal and vaginal muscles can be tightened and restored to give you greater voluntary muscle control. This can assist in the management of urinary incontinence.


Improve sexual satisfaction

Tighter vaginal, perineal and pelvic floor muscles contribute to greater sexual satisfaction during intercourse.


Improve confidence and mental wellbeing

Women feel psychologically distressed at a lack of sexual satisfaction and the effects it can have on intimate relationships. Improved self-confidence can lead to improved relationships and greater mental health. It also contributes to a sense of empowerment and self-care.


Have you been thinking about vaginal rejuvenation and whether it could work for you? It is always best to seek a professional opinion. Please contact us at (02) 8599 7161 for a private and confidential appointment.


Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Wondering What Can You Expect From Nose Job Surgery?

Rhinoplasty, or a nose job as it is colloquially referred to, is a surgical procedure that is carried out to change the shape, size or position of the nose. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries requested. Let’s find out what you expect from a typical rhinoplasty procedure.


Why Have Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty can be performed for cosmetic and functional reasons. Patients may wish to change the size and shape of their nose, its width, the tip of the nose, improve nasal symmetry and change the shape of their nostrils.


Nose jobs for cosmetic reasons

Patients who have a nose job for cosmetic reasons may wish to

  • Improve facial symmetry
  • Make the nose bigger or smaller
  • Correct asymmetry
  • Remove bumps
  • Make wide nostrils narrower
  • Straighten the nose


Nose jobs to correct physical problems

Patients who want to correct physical problems do so because of

  • Birth defects
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Injuries to trauma to the nose
  • Damage due to infections or disease.

If you need nose surgery to repair a broken nose, your best plan of action is to get help immediately. If you don’t the resultant swelling can delay your surgery by up to five days.



Septoplasty is a procedure performed to correct a deviated septum or the cartilage and bone that separates your two nostrils.


What Are The Risks Associated With Rhinoplasty Surgery?

All surgeries carry some element of risk. Your particular risks should be discussed with your surgeon prior to your procedure. Also remember that the anaesthetic to be used will also carry some risk, and this should be discussed with your anaesthetic prior to surgery.

rhinoplasty procedure nose job bondi junctionSome of the risks of having a nose job include

  • Chronic or severe pain
  • Nosebleeds
  • Numbness around your front teeth or nose
  • An infection requiring further surgery or antibiotic treatment
  • Scarring
  • Darkened skin under your eyes

Of course, there is also the risk of going through the surgery and not being completely satisfied with the end result. This can be managed by thorough planning and discussion with your surgeon and ensuring you work with someone suitably qualified and experienced.


How To Plan For A Successful Rhinoplasty Procedure

Changing your physical appearance must be considered responsibly, so before you can even start discussing your options, your surgeon will first take a thorough medical history, conduct an examination and listen to your surgery goals.

Each rhinoplasty procedure must be planned carefully because one very minor change can make a significant difference to your appearance. Your surgeon will have a specific process to follow, but in general, these are the steps you can expect.

Your surgeon will tell you to avoid taking medication like ibuprofen or aspirin for two weeks prior to, and two weeks after, your surgery date. This is to manage your risk of bleeding.

Smoking can interfere with healing and recovery so it is highly recommended that you quit.


What To Expect From Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Your rhinoplasty procedure will be carried out under general anaesthetic. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, your surgeon will make an incision at the base of your nose, or inside your nostril.

Once the initial incision is made, your surgeon will work through your procedure, either introducing cartilage to build up your nose for a nose reconstruction or removing bone or cartilage to reshape your nose.

Once the surgery is completed your surgeon will replace your skin and tissue over the cartilage and close the area up with stitches. He or she will place a splint on the outside of your nose so that it retains its shape during the healing process. Bandages will be placed over it.

You will probably be able to take the splint and bandages off about seven days after your surgery. Your stitches will be removed four to seven days after the procedure.


Healing And Recovery After A Nose Job – What To Expect?

You can expect not to blow your nose for up to eight weeks after your surgery. Because you are healing, you should also avoid physical exertion such as heavy exercise and heavy lifting. Holding your head upright is recommended.

Your surgeon will give you specific care instructions, including when you need to return for a follow-up consultation. Remember to contact your surgeon immediately if you feel any unusual symptoms during recovery, such as pain and bleeding.

While your bandages will be removed after a week you may only go back to work a week or two later. You can expect to feel some discomfort for a few weeks following your surgery – a broken nasal bone can hurt for as long as eight weeks. We recommend you take at least two full days off on complete bed rest.

As your surgeon to make recommendations for pain management, as it is not advisable to take aspirin.

You can expect some swelling in the year after your nose job, and it may be worse in the mornings. And, while will be able to see what your nose looks like when the bandages are moved, your nose may take as long as a year to adjust fully.

Cold compresses can provide relief from swelling.


How Much Does A Nose Job Cost?

Each rhinoplasty procedure is based on your personal requirements, and yours can only be estimated once you have had a consultation with your surgeon.

The cost of your nose job procedure will include surgeon fees, hospital fees, and anaesthetic fees, as well as costs for medication, post-operative support and wound dressings.

Rhinoplasties that are performed for cosmetic reasons are not covered by Medicare; you would need to cover the cost of your nose surgery out-of-pocket.

Do you have questions about the rhinoplasty procedure and what you can expect after surgery? Please contact us for a convenient appointment: (02) 8599 7161.


  • Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.
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Is Rhinoplasty Cost In Korea Lower Than Australia?

The rise of medical tourism has seen an increase in requests for rhinoplasty cost in Korea. South Korea has been dubbed the cosmetic surgery capital of the world, with an estimated one million procedures being performed each year. It’s further estimated that one in three South Korean women has had plastic surgery, creating a very big market for cosmetic procedures, and putting South Korea on the map as a hotspot for medical tourism.

Today we are going to take a closer look at the risks associated with medical tourism and why you shouldn’t make such a big decision based purely on cost.


Why Korean Rhinoplasty Is So Popular Right Now

The top three plastic surgeries in South Korea are blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery), rhinoplasty and glutathione injections, which give the patient a lighter skin tone. The size of the market means that there are lots of practitioners available in Korea, offering procedures at very competitive rates, but sometimes cheaper does not equate with better.


What Are The Risks Involved With Medical Tourism?

  • Building A Relationship Is More Difficult

Because everyone’s nose is unique, each patient needs to consult with their surgeon prior to treatment, to decide on the best path forward. You need to work with a trustworthy and reputable surgeon who understands your needs and future plans. You may need to meet three different surgeons before you find someone you feel really comfortable with.

You will need to make a few visits to your surgeon over the course of your treatment, and this may be practically difficult when you are based in Australia.

  • Communication Is Key

    korean rhinoplasty rhinoplasty cost in korea bondi junction

In order to ensure a safe procedure and manage all risks accordingly, you will need to give your surgeon a thorough medical history.

The two of you need to be able to communicate clearly and easily – and this isn’t always possible when you’re consulting with a foreign language surgeon.

Your surgeon needs to communicate all your pre- and post-surgery care instructions, as well as explain any alternative options that may be available to you.

If language is a barrier, it can impact negatively on the outcome of your procedure.

  • Professional Certifications And Standards Are Different

Each country’s path to professional competence is different and surgeons in South Korea have written different exams and achieved different certifications to those in Australia.

Think of it this way: a South Korean surgeon who wants to practice in Australia would not be able to walk into a practice and start operating on patients.

He or she would need to be assessed and examined first and evaluated on:

  • His or her English proficiency
  • Whether his or her qualifications are credible and valid
  • His or her performance on a three-month orientation program


Follow-Up Care Is Difficult Across The Miles

While your actual procedure may only take one to three hours to complete, it can take up to a year for your nose to heal fully from your procedure. Your nasal dressing and splints will be removed six or seven days after your surgery, and your surgeon will give you specific post-surgical care instructions that need to be followed.

In the event that there are any side effects or complications, it is much smoother for you to return to your surgeon for assistance.


Eastern And Western Beauty Ideals Are Not The Same

As a Westerner, you will have a beauty ideal to achieve – and that may be different to what a Korean surgeon is used to being asked for. Even if you have a well qualified surgeon to work with, his idea of facial harmony may not be the same as yours.


Complications Can Be Expensive And Difficult To Manage

Any complications that may occur can be very difficult to manage across the distance between you. Complications are a very real possibility, and should be managed. Any pain, problems with wound healing or infection is best managed by the surgeon who operated on you, which could end up costing you a great deal more in the long run.

Infection control is a very serious concern for Australians travelling for medical tourism. Locally you are protected by stringent legislation that dictates how medical practices and clinics must be run, but once you leave local borders you are subject to the rules of that country.


More Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Because of the demand for plastic surgery in Korea and the high demand, many clinics are turning over hundreds of patients per day. This means that you may not get the individual attention you need, and your procedure could end up being rushed.


Is Rhinoplasty Cost In Korea Worth The Risk?

The nose is a very delicate but prominent feature of your face. Any surgery you have done to it should not need to be re-done in the future, and should improve the way you look and feel about yourself. If there is any risk that your surgically enhanced nose may not meet your expectations, it is not worth paying less for.

When you have your nose job done in Australia, you are paying as much for peace of mind and a very high standard of care, as you are for a surgical procedure. Your protection as a patient, and your recourse, in the event that something does go wrong, have essentially been factored into the cost of your nose job in Australia – and that is a component that is very difficult to put a price tag on.


Still toying with the idea of rhinoplasty cost in Korea? It’s best to speak to a professional. Please contact us for a convenient appointment: (02) 8599 7161.


Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Facts And Factors Affecting The Rhinoplasty Cost Treatment

Remarkably, Australians spend in excess of $1-billion a year on plastic surgery and rhinoplasty – or a nose job – is right up there as one of the most popular procedures. Naturally, patients want to know how much does rhinoplasty cost before they feel confident consulting with a professional, so today we are going to explore the factors that influence the cost of a nose job, and what you can expect to pay for your procedure.


What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or surgery to reshape or repair the nose, can be performed for cosmetic reasons, reconstructive reasons or to improve the function of the nose. Furthermore, rhinoplasties are usually divided into two classes: open and closed.

With a closed rhinoplasty, your plastic surgeon will make of the incisions on the inside of your nose. Closed procedures typically require a shorter healing period afterwards.

With an open rhinoplasty, your surgeon will cut into the tissue between your nostrils. Open rhinoplasty may leave a small scar that will fade over time.


Is A Nose Job The Answer For You?

The nose is a prominent feature of the face, and it’s possible to make very small surgical changes that have a big impact on the overall appearance of your face. While you might have an idea of what you would like, your surgeon will give you advice on what can be achieved realistically, looking at factors like your age, your skin type and your ethnicity.

Remember also that you would need to wait until your nose has reached its full size before you could consider working on it. For most people, this happens around the age of 15 or 16.


How Much Is A Nose Job In Australia?

The cost of a nose job is Australia is highly dependent on different factors, and your personal case. It’s difficult to give an accurate estimate because there is a large variance – all patients are different.

A word on overseas rhinoplasty though – it’s quite likely that you’ll encounter cheaper pricing structures if you look for quotes overseas, but be aware of the level of complications that can occur should you take this risk. Any medical costs that you accrue will need to be paid directly by you.

how much is a nose job in australia rhinoplasty cost bondi junctionIt is worth noting that a nose job is a surgical procedure – and as such carries an element of risk. Even if your procedure is elective it is not advisable to choose your surgeon based on price. Far more important and relevant factors to focus on include

  • The experience of your surgeon
  • The area of speciality of your surgeon
  • Actual reviews or recommendations from satisfied patients

Of course, you should consider a second opinion as part of your research. Having a comparative does give you a chance to make a more informed decision, and will give you more context to your procedure and what it entails.


The Cost Of Rhinoplasty In Australia

The Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery says you can expect to pay in the region of $8000 and $20000 for your procedure. Let’s have a look at what constitutes the total amount:

  • Between $5000 and $15000 of your total amount will go to your surgeon
  • Around $1500 of your total will cover your hospital costs
  • Approximately $1250 will be paid to the anaesthetist


Are There Any Other Costs?

You can also expect to pay around $100 to $500 for your preliminary consultation, and cover any medical tests that might need to be done. You will also need to cover any after-care costs (like bandages or pain medication).

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) recommends that the practitioner-patient relationship is fully transparent and that patients are kept informed of all the costs related to their procedures throughout.

RACS also advises that patients are informed and educated about all the treatment options that are available to them. If you have any questions, queries or concerns you should always raise them with your practitioner.  This is called informed consent and it’s essential that you understand all aspects of your procedure to be able to give it.

An example of how this plays out: You may arrive at your surgeon’s office with an idea or a want, but after chatting with the team for 20 minutes, may find there is an alternative way to achieve your goal. You might not have considered it before, but your consultant may recommend an additional procedure on your chin – because you want to improve your profile. Your consultant should present you with both cost options, as well as a comparison of the risks involved in each.

Being able to have open and honest conversations at the beginning of your relationship is an important part of your rhinoplasty procedure. Part of this process also involved discussing the risks involved in your nose job.


Will Medicare Cover Your Rhinoplasty Cost?

The Medicare Benefits Schedule has a list of all medical services that the government subsidizes and depending on your reasons for having rhinoplasty, you might be entitled to some rebate. If your procedure is medically necessary, to address breathing obstructions, a congenital deformity or to treat you after a physical trauma, Medicare may offer you some cover.


Does Private Health Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty Cost?

Private health insurance will only cover a nose job if it is medically necessary. As is the case with elective cosmetic procedures, you would need to cover the cost of your nose job out of pocket.

Still have questions about rhinoplasty cost and what you can expect to pay for the procedure? As you can see, the price range is very broad and your total figure is dependent on your facial contours and needs. The most reliable way to investigate the cost of a nose job is to book a consultation. Please contact us for a convenient appointment. Call us at (02) 8599 7161


Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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