Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that smooth’s out facial wrinkles and folds to create a more natural, youthful appearance. Cosmetic dermal fillers R and P are made from a clear gel that is composed from naturally found skin substances. The dermal filler injections are inserted into the treatment area and are a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for the treatment of:

  • Wrinkle correction
  • Lip enhancement
  • Deep facial folds (around the mouth, nose and mouth corners)
  • Facial shaping (cheek enhancement, nose shaping, chin shaping)
  • Smile lines and thin superficial lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead

These cosmetic fillers contain hyaluronic acid which enables water to be bound to the skin resulting in a lifting and restoring of the skins natural volume and elasticity. The fillers hyaluronic acid works with the body’s natural hyaluronic acid to create a more natural result as opposed to other wrinkle injections.

If you want to reduce your wrinkles with dermal fillers then call our office today to discuss your options. Cosmetic surgery fillers are a great way to reduce obvious aging elements of the face more naturally.

(Australian TGA regulations prevent us from mentioning the well-known brands of filling products; however, you are welcome to call our practice for further information).

Your own Fat as a Filler.

The use of Dermal Fillers to reverse signs of facial ageing is very popular. Currently there are many off the shelf fillers that are very good. But they are temporary and need replacing every 12 months. Using your own fat as a filler is very appealing for 2 reasons. It is your own tissue, it is in abundance and has the potential to be permanent. Fat can be used to restore facial volume depletion associated with ageing. If you are looking for something more long-term, check out our information about face lifts.

Benefits of fat transfer

  • Longer -lasting compared to Dermal Fillers
  • Cost Effective when combined with other surgical procedures and when large volume loss needs correction
  • No risk of allergy

Disadvantages of fat transfer

  • Not all the transferred fat survives, 30 – 50% gets absorbed over time
  • The longevity of fat survival is not known


Fat from the abdomen around the Umbilicus (belly button) is preferred because the fat cells from here are less likely to be absorbed. Modern techniques and specialised instruments to harvest and inject fat have improved the results.

Deep volume injections usually yield the best result. Fat Transfer can be used as a stand alone procedure or as a useful adjunct to eyelid surgery, facelift or midlface lift.

Ideal Candidates

Healthy Individuals

Not Recommended

In Smokers
People who are on medications and health supplements that increase the risk of bleeding


Dermal fillers

Before                                                After

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